How to transport a Christmas tree?

Are you ready for Christmas? What’s on your holiday checklist? Hopefully, you have not forgotten to put Christmas tree on the list! Already have your favourite Christmas tree farm or a lot? Great! The question is whether they will help you get your tree home. You can obviously do it yourself, it is not a rocket science after all.

Although you may have some doubts if you haven’t done it before, you may as well count on the magic of Christmas to help you, don’t you? 😀 There are some great tips you can follow instead of waiting for miracles.

So you packed up all gifts, prepared Christmas food, cleaned up your house and now, feeling calm and peaceful you are going to pick your evergreen beauty. Maybe, but we know it doesn’t work like this often. The trick is to break down the plan into small tasks and to try to think of an amount of time and effort you need to put in each of them. Then “I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHERE TO START” becomes “Ok. What’s first on my list? Yup! Done. What’s next? Tick!”.

You know what? We made this list for you 🙂

1.Make sure you have got everything

If you are driving to a Christmas tree lot rushing on the way back from work or your kids’ school, is might be difficult to calm your thoughts down and prepare everything you need. Even though you really care and want to put your mind to it.

  • set aside 15 mins to think and plan (after reading this article it might take even less time 🙂
  • make sure you have all the necessary things for this type of transport
  • factor in the time you will need for picking the tree and getting it home (at least an hour)
  • if possible, try not to squeeze all the tasks just in one/two days. Tasks should be evenly spread e.g. across the week.


You will need...
  1. Tape measure
  2. Thick gloves
  3. Net/blanket for wrapping a tree
  4. Roof rack (optional)
  5. Blanket/ mat / tarp for protecting your car
  6. Ropes/straps


2.Measure the tree and the room it will stand in

Jak zorganizować transport choinki?


Do you have enough space in the room to fit in the Christmas tree?

Better try to measure the distance between floor and ceiling in the room where you want to put your tree.  It should be at least 30 cm more than a height of your Christmas tree.

Remember to measure width and height of the door it needs to go through to make sure your tree’s journey from the Christmas tree lot does not end in front of your house or in your garage.

Ready? Ok, now is the time to go to your favourite Christmas tree farm. Just remember to have a tape measure on you! After all, it’s the height of the tree which is the most important.


3. Choose the right one and pull out!

The last step is to get your Christmas tree home safely and show off to you family. First, you need to have something to show off with…so make sure you secure the tree nicely.

The best idea is to wrap it in a net or a blanket. Christmas trees usually come with some sort of protection material, usually netting, though if there is none you can definitely wrap it yourself. Shake it and get rid of unnecessary needles and wrap it tightly so the branches are closely bundled – it will prevent them from bending too much.

Jak zorganizować transport choinki?

For wrapping, use something that does not hold much value – it might get damaged or stained by the tree juices. Yeah, you better leave that long cherished blanket you got from your grandma – she might be disappointed 😀

Use thick gloves! 

You might get dirty so consider using disposable gloves. They will protect your hands from the freezing cold outside and prevent scratches or breaks in the skin.

Ok, once you are ready, choose the transport method that suits you best:

  1. Transporting Christmas tree in a van
  2. Transporting Christmas tree with a car

Transporting Christmas tree in a van

If you have got a van, can get access to one or rent – it’s great! You just need to get it inside the van and that’s it, problem solved. It’s comfortable for you and for the tree as well. You don’t need to worry whether it is tied down tightly enough so it stays on the roof. Although it’s important to check if the van has been used to transport any other loads shortly before you rented it. Try to make sure it’s clean and get rid of any leftovers.

Transporting Christmas tree with a car

As you may have already noticed on the streets – this is the most common method to transport a Christmas tree. Surely, it has pros and cons. The main advantage is obviously low cost. Though, you are using your own car, which is not a vehicle used for transportation on daily basis.

You can choose between transporting the tree inside the car and on the roof. If you prefer not to have the insides of your car covered with needles strap the tree on the roof rack.

You can leverage from having a roof rack installed in many situations. As you see on the picture below it will serve you nicely when transporting the tree, not only skis or any other equipment.

Jak zorganizować transport choinki?

  • Put your tree on the roof
  • The trunk should be facing the front end of your car
  • Put a blanket or a tarp between the tree and the roof to avoid scratches
  • Tie the tree down with the ropes
  • If you do not have a roof rack try to tie it while having car doors open
  • Remember: drive slowly and safely, if you live far away from the tree lot consider contacting a professional transport company to get your tree delivered.Would you like to get quotes for Christmas tree transport? Click the button below>>

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