How to ship fitness equipment?

Exercising is an important part of your life? If so, at some point you may want to ship your fitness equipment from one place to another. Say, you move home or buy a new machine on the Internet and you need it dropped off on your doorstep. How to arrange that? Read on to find out!

Heavy, oversize, bulky =  not ideal for transport. I am afraid all these adjectives could be used to describe fitness equipment, thus we might expect the transport arrangements to be tricky. You know what? It’s only a matter of good preparation and know-how! We will share with you some info about that later plus we will touch upon the topic of fitness equipment transport cost which, I believe, will answer some of your questions.


Remember to disassemble all the removable elements before the transport.

Your machine should not be plugged into any source of power while being disassembled.

Do you run at an incline on your treadmill? It’s important to set the incline value for “0” before you move it. In transit, the sports machines should be protected by a stretch foil or a blanket.

What to be careful about?

Before hiring a transport company or posting a transport job on the Internet, make sure you know exact dimensions of your machine and get in contact with a transport provider to share this information. Sports equipment like weight bar (with all the weighing elements included) can be as heavy as 100 kg, often more. In that case, you will need help with loading and unloading. Ask transport provider if he can provide a tail lift or some other type of lifting platform.

Discuss with your transport provider, whether there is an option to place the machine on a pallet.

What's the important info I should share with a transport company?
It’s crucial to tell your transport professional the exact height and length of the machine. Let’s take the street workout equipment – it can weigh more than 500 kg and while being more than 2 meters long. Well, in this particular case a tail lift is not just one of the options available, it is a necessity   🙂



In some cases, with new machines, transported in one piece, like an elliptical trainer, you can arrange the shipping with a courier. It’s only possible if the machine is still in the original cartoon box. The package that weighs around 25 kg would cost roughly 20-25 pounds.

If you need to transport bigger and heavier equipment, like an atlas or a weight bench or other machines that are tricky to disassemble the easiest way would be to hire a transport company to do that for you. It is often the only reasonable option, because of the size of those machines. Then, you will not be bothered with all those extra things to take care of I have already mentioned in the beginning of this article.

Curious how much does it cost? Below you can find a list of most popular sports machines and shipping prices.

atlas transport

Treadmill transport

Some treadmills can be disassembled before being transported. To enhance mobility, they are often equipped with tiny wheels.

The cost of treadmill transport varies between  £34 and £250  depending on the route length, any additional types of service you would need (securing, loading, unloading).

You may need a team of at list two proffesionals to carry your treadmill safely. Make sure they have necessery equipment e.g. blankets, bubble wraps, trolly, pump trucks, straps, lifting belts.

Atlas transport

While comparing various transport offers from different transport companies we concluded that the prices vary from  £50 up to £200  

As I already mentioned the prices above, depend mainly on the route length.

Secondary factors are:

  • Cost of additional services.
  • Size of the machine.
  • Is it transported in one piece?
  • Do we need to disassemble the machine first?

Stationary bike transport

Stationary bikes just like treadmills have wheels in the front, installed to make the whole process easier.

It is important to remember to secure the spaces where the security belts will go. For that, you can use a sponge or another plushy material you have at hand.

Stationery bike delivery cost oscillates between  £50 up to £150 

stationary bike transport

We asked Sarah from, fitness and crossfit blogger about her experience and advice on fitness equipment transport. This is what she sais:

For electronic fitness machines like treadmills or for large equipment like functional trainers, make sure you consult the warranty and manual before you move them. Some equipment’s warranty is voided if moved by someone other than a qualified individual – a quick check before moving will ensure you’re not stuck with a broken piece of equipment out of warranty after moving to your lovely new gym space!

This is very important indeed! Make sure you follow her tip 🙂

Cross-trainer transport

Cross-trainer is usually transported in one piece, but not to worry, as many other sports machines it is equipped with little wheels to help you move it hassle-free.

If you plan to ship your cross-trainer with a transport provider you should expect to pay around:

  •  £30-150£  if you ship within the UK
  •  £60 – £250  if you ship across countries


Fitness equipment

Among fitness machines, people often ship weights benches, weight bars, weights, twisters.

For shipping this type of equipment you will pay roughly  £30-150£  depending on the distance between the pickup and delivery location. Obviously, the price will be lower if your delivery can be dropped off on the return journey 🙂

Weights transport

It’s quite a typical item to send by courier services. If your package with weights inside will not excess 70x60x60 cm and 40 kg the cost of shipping should not go beyond  £25-40  if you ship just within the UK.


sports quipment transport


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I'm searching for easy ways to safely transport untypical items. I would like to prove to all our readers that - after some preparations - you can transport just about anything. No matter what the courier says.

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  1. Alexandr says:

    Hi, please advise me, aim a bodybuilder , I love to bay gym equipment,arround 4 to 6 , what I think is that this will be very heavy,if is 1000kg it’s possible to transport to Czech Republic if possible and cost of course ,,from London to Litvinov Czech Republic it’s arroun 900mile,

    • Malwina says:

      Hi, Alexandr! Of course it’s possible 🙂 Just go to:, you can post a listing for free – just describe what you need shipped and when would you like it delivered. You’ll get quotes from transport providers and you’ll be able to choose the best one. Hope that helps, if not – please, let me know 🙂

  2. Alexandr says:

    Hi, need advise, I love to get for me gym equipment, 5 gym machine ,it’s heavy, in total arround 1000 kg , this machine I love to get back home also to Czech Republic , From London,, it’s arround 900mile , if enybody provides me with this how much is the cost,,more information email me please, Alex

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