4 tips on how to ride a motorcycle in the rain

Not sure if riding motorcycle in the rain is something you would like to try? Read this article to find out and check out the infographic to memorize the tips easily.

Many people decide to stop riding when the first autumn rain comes down. If your guts tell you to go out there and try you may want to prepare yourself first, to ensure a good and safe ride through the rain.

1)Adjust the speed, be mindful

Slippery and wet surfaces are your biggest enemies. It doesn’t mean though that you should tuck your bicycle away in the garage 🙂

Be aware of it and observant enough to know where to slow down, adjust the way you accelerate and use brakes. 

Intersections are the spots you should be particularly mindful about. The places where many cars come to a stop in regular time intervals are the ones where the slippery and slick surface is more troublesome. Try to look ahead and slowly approach a junction, so you do not experience any traction problems.

Accelerating: Do not accelerate aggressively on the slippery surface.

Braking: To prevent traction issues, start braking earlier than usual and leave more space between the vehicle behind and in front of you.

2)Weatherproof clothing

You want to be able to feel comfortable and unconstrained. With the clothes, all wet and soaking in it might feel unpleasant and not easy to move. You need both to have control over how you handle your motorcycle.

With the clothes, all wet and soaking in it might feel unpleasant and not easy to move. You need both to have control over how you handle your motorcycle.

Use waterproof rain suits, boots, and gloves.

3)Weatherproof gear

First of all, clear your windscreen to see the road and other vehicles and commuters clearly.

You can search the web to buy a helmet specially intended for rides in the rain. Some of them are not only built from materials that help you to feel comfortable when riding in the rainy day. Some of them use special electronic defrost mechanism.

Try anti-fog visors
There are also anti-fog visors out there for you to try. Just choose the one that keeps your visor clear!

4)Riding in the rain: INFOGRAPHIC

Too many info to absorb at once? Not to worry! Below you can find a nicely designed infographic put together by Jacob Moore from SoloMotoParts blog 🙂  Have a look!


Riding in the rain

Infographic credit: SoloMotoParts

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