Searching by category and pick-up date

The search engine allows you to search for loads according to various properties of the listing: its category, the pick-up date, the weight of the load, the type of load (regular or quick listings), the range of the job (domestic or international), keywords or the type of upgrade.

Searching by category

Choose one or more categories from the list on the left and you’ll see only jobs available within the selected categories:

Searching by pick-up date

If you are looking for jobs within a specific date range, you can choose to only display listings with the pick-up date set. To do this, click on “any date” next to the calendar icon on the left-hand side of the screen:

Then click on “from–to”, which will appear in its place:

The calendar will appear, which will allow you to select the date range that interests you:

Please note: Many customers do not set a specific pick-up date. Therefore, it’s advisable to browse through listings without a pick-up date once in a while – this way you can make sure you are not missing any job you may want to quote on.