Transporting a shower cubicle

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Transporting a shower cubicle can be a challenge due to its size, weight and the delicate nature of its materials. To avoid damage and make sure your shower cubicle arrives intact, it's worth following a few rules for safe transportation.

How to prepare a shower cubicle for transport?

In order to transport your shower enclosure, you need to secure it properly and choose the right means of transport. Here are a few steps to help you transport your shower cubicle safely:

Securing the shower enclosure:

Remove the door and any accessories from the shower enclosure to reduce the risk of damage during transport.

Wrap shower cubicles with cushioning material such as bubble wrap to protect glass and metal surfaces from scratches and cracks.

Additionally, protect the corners of the shower cubicle with foam or cardboard corners to reduce the risk of damage during handling.

Wrap all components with adhesive tape to keep the protections in place.

If the shower enclosure is particularly large or heavy, consider disassembling it into smaller pieces before transport.

Choosing a means of transport:

It is best to hire a suitable vehicle, such as a van or delivery van, which has sufficient space to accommodate the shower cubicle and its parts.

Make sure the vehicle is equipped with lashing straps or a load securing system to secure the shower cubicle during transport.

Loading and unloading:

When loading and unloading the shower cubicle, try to involve the help of a second person to avoid accidental falls or damage.

Carefully place the shower cubicle in the vehicle, ensuring that it does not move during travel.

If possible, place the shower cubicle vertically to reduce the risk of the glass breaking under its own weight.

Make sure that all items are firmly secured so that they do not move during transport. Remember, you can always use the services of a professional removal company that is experienced in transporting bathroom furniture and will be able to properly secure and transport your shower cubicle.

How to secure a shower enclosure before transport?

In order to protect your shower cubicle prior to transport by the removal company, please follow the tips below:

Carefully prepare the shower enclosure:

Disassemble the doors, hinges, handles and any accessories contained in the shower enclosure. This will make packing easier and reduce the risk of damage.

Clean and dry all parts of the shower enclosure. This will prevent damage to the materials and allow the protective materials to adhere better.

Secure the individual components of the shower enclosure:

Wrap the glass elements (walls, doors) with bubble wrap in several layers, protecting them from scratches, cracks and breakage. Finally, secure the film with adhesive tape.

Secure metal and plastic parts with stretch film or bubble wrap. Make sure all edges and corners are properly secured.

Secure the corners of the shower enclosure with special foam or cardboard corners to absorb shocks and protect against damage.

If you have the installation instructions for the shower enclosure, place them together with the secured components to make it easier to assemble after transport.

Packing the shower enclosure components:

If you have the original packaging of the shower enclosure, use it for transport. Otherwise, get cardboard boxes of suitable size and strength.

Place fragile components, such as glass, on the bottom of the carton, with the other parts of the shower enclosure on top. Distribute the weight of the parts evenly to prevent damage.

Fill the space in the cartons with cushioning materials such as bubble wrap, wrapping paper or polystyrene to avoid movement of the items during transport.

Close the cartons and secure them with adhesive tape. Label them "Caution! Glass" or "Fragile" to remind the transport company's staff to handle the consignment with care.

Communication with the transport company:

Before handing over your shower cubicle to the transport company, make sure they have the necessary experience and equipment to transport fragile items such as bathroom furniture. Inform the transport company of the dimensions, weight and value of the shower cubicle.

Also provide information about any difficulties at the loading or unloading location, such as narrow corridors, lack of a lift or other obstacles.

Arrange a date and time for loading and unloading with the transport company to ensure efficient and safe transport.

Loading and unloading:

Cooperate with the transport company's staff when loading the shower cubicle. Ensure that the cartons with the cabin components are properly stacked in the vehicle.

Make sure that the loading area of the vehicle is properly secured and that the cartons with the shower cubicle are stable and do not move during the journey.

When unloading, ensure that the transport company's employees handle the consignment carefully, avoiding falls, bumps or other situations that could damage the shower cubicle.

Once the shower enclosure has been unloaded and delivered to the site, check the condition of all components before installation to ensure that they have not been damaged in transit. If you notice any damage, report it to the transport company.

Following the above tips will help to protect your shower enclosure before transport and ensure that it arrives intact. Remember that a professional transport company should be able to give you additional advice and recommendations for transporting items such as a shower cubicle.


What is the average weight and dimensions of a shower cubicle?

The weight and dimensions of a shower cubicle can vary depending on the model, manufacturer and materials used. Below are example values for different types of shower enclosure:

Square shower enclosure:

Dimensions: from 70 x 70 cm to 100 x 100 cm, although larger models can also be found.

Weight: on average between 30 and 70 kg, depending on materials and construction.

Rectangular shower enclosure:

Dimensions: from 70 x 90 cm to 100 x 170 cm, although other sizes can also be found.

Weight: on average between 40 and 100 kg, depending on the materials and construction used.

Semi-circular shower enclosure:

Dimensions: from 80 x 80 cm to 100 x 100 cm, with a half-circle radius of usually 55 to 65 cm.

Weight: on average between 40 and 80 kg, depending on the materials and construction used.

Corner shower enclosure:

Dimensions: usually between 80 x 80 cm and 100 x 100 cm, but other sizes are also available.

Weight: on average between 30 and 70 kg, depending on the materials and construction used.

It is worth bearing in mind that the dimensions and weight of a shower enclosure can vary even within the same types of enclosure. It is therefore always advisable to check the specifications of a particular model before purchasing or transporting it. For shower enclosures made of lighter materials such as acrylic, the weight may be lower than those made of toughened glass and metal.