1. In order to create a Listing description, the Customer shall complete the proper form available at Clicktrans, in which the following details shall be provided: Listing title, description, category and expiry date. The Listing description might also be completed with pictures. Shall the Customer wish to provide exact description of transported goods or preferable conditions of Transportation Service, they might use additional fields available in the form.

2. The Listing shall not include contents listed in Appendix 3 “Prohibited content” to these Terms and Conditions.

3. Delivery description shall include all details required for Transport Providers to provide Quotes. The Customer shall provide all substantial details regarding the transported goods if these might have an impact on transport conditions, required security of goods to be transported, required type and size of vehicle, and transportation timeframe. It strictly prohibited for the Customer to conceal substantial information on Delivery that might have an impact on the Quote.

4. It is strictly prohibited to provide website addresses and links to website containing contact details of the Customer or any other contents intending to exclude the agency of Clicktrans in concluding Contract between the Customer and the Transport Provider.

5. It is allowed to provide the addresses of all Clicktrans subpages and links to Clicktrans in Listing description.

6. The elements of Listing description shall not infringe the rights of any third party, including the copyrights. Using pictures and texts owned by any third party requires their consent. It is strictly prohibited to use trademarks or other signs that the User is not authorised to use.