When will I get the first delivery quotes?
It won’t be long before you start to receive the first quotes.
90% of requests receive first quotes in less than an hour. In order to receive best ones, please allow up to one day for them to come in.

How many delivery quotes will I get?

Most requests receive at least 3-4 quotes. There are a couple of thousands companies registered in Clicktrans competing to give you the best offer. If you have received one that suits you best, you’d better accept it before the transport provider withdraws it!

When you accept the quote, both you and the transport provider will get contact details. In order to finalise the transaction you need to get in touch with him.
97% of users ware happy with Clicktrans services.
All transport providers are verified.
Our users have already saved over € 10 000 000 thanks to Clicktrans
By choosing Clicktrans you save up to 60% on deliveries.