A new feature on Clicktrans

Quoting in net prices

ofertowanie netto

What exactly is changing and how will it affect the transport providers?

Up till now, transport providers were quoting in gross prices.
We’ve switched to quoting in net prices in answer to many requests from our transport providers.

he new feature will be especially helpful when taking transport jobs from business clients. Our system will automatically calculate the gross price and the correct VAT rate. The gross price will be rounded up, to the nearest integer. The default VAT rate is the one applicable in your company registration country. You can modify the VAT rate by clicking “Change” in case you need a different VAT rate for some transport job, or you are not a VAT payer.

Please, note that the customer accepts the gross price of your offer, including the net price with the VAT rate and all additional costs.

What about success fee rates?

Just as before, the fee is calculated only basing on accepted quotes and Quick Deals taken. You don’t pay any monthly subscription for using Clicktrans.

For the next 30 days after the quoting in net prices is introduced on Clicktrans the success fees will be calculated as usual(basing on gross prices). After this time, we’ll start to calculate the success fees basing on net prices. Because the fees will be calculated from lower prices, success fee rates will be adjusted, so that the final fee levels for VAT payers stay as they are now.

What about the Quick Deals?

Many of the transport providers registered on Clicktrans prefer using Quick Deals. This feature allows customers to set a fixed price for the listing. A transport provider can take the job quickly and easily without having to compete with other offers. There is no quoting stage - the first transport provider to take the job, gets it. When defining the Quick Deal’s price, the customer gives the gross price, but on the listing card, you’ll also see net price and the VAT rate.

We’re aware that the quoting in net prices is a big change for our users. For more information, you can visit our dedicated Help section, in which we explain the new quoting process in more detail.