Clicktrans – COVID-19 update


Can I still list my deliveries on Clicktrans?

YES, you can. Even though certain EU border controls have been temporarily instated, transport is still operating and therefore you can still list your deliveries on – both on national and international routes. And transport providers can still get transport jobs – new listings are appearing on the platform every day.

Of course, you have to be aware that temporary borders might sometimes mean that shipping might take a bit longer. Please, bear in mind that this is due to safety reasons and is intended to keep us all healthy and COVID-19-free. You can check current truck border crossing times here:

Of course, the situation can change rapidly, but we’re monitoring it regularly and will adjust Clicktrans’ actions as needed to keep our customers and transport providers safe and the platform operating even in these difficult times.

How to list your delivery safely

It’s safest to order transportation online, where you have no contact with other people, who might be possible carriers of COVID19. You can list your delivery on without leaving your home – and for free! Transport providers will quote on your listing and you’ll be able to choose which one suits you best. The transport provider will be able to pick up the delivery from the place of your choosing e.g. from your house.

We strongly encourage you to follow all the safety restrictions recommended by the government and the NHS, such as:

  • Maintain the 2 metres’ distance from anyone outside of your household.
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water (use hand sanitizer when you can’t use soap and water)
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth

All the safety guidance can be found here:

Please, remember that border restrictions may change with the rapidly changing pandemic situation. Before hiring a transport provider it is best to check the current situation:

How to hand over the delivery and pick it up safely

The coronavirus has a limited lifespan outside of a human body. According to the WHO it can survive up to several days (depending on what surface it’s on). Therefore you don’t have to refrain from sending packages as long as you follow the necessary safety measures:

  • Whenever you can, get rid of the packaging right after you receive your order.
  • If the delivery can be disinfected, it should be. If it can’t – you should refrain from touching it for a few days, after which the coronavirus should be gone.
  • Most importantly: remember the general safety measures (washing your hands, social distancing and avoiding touching your face).

The WHO maintains that the risk of getting coronavirus from sending or receiving packages is low, because the packages are exposed to different conditions and temperatures while being transported.

Safety measures for transport providers during the COVID-19 pandemic

Transport providers should of course follow general safety directions from the government and additionally:

  • regularly clean all surfaces that are often touched – steering wheel, door handles, dashboards etc – with water and soap or with hand sanitizer
  • use gloves when loading and unloading cargos
  • use a face mask whenever meeting with customers.

Official websites with current coronavirus information and safety guidelines:

Got any questions? Feel free to contact our Customer Service: