General Provisions

1. IQSC charges fees for the following services:
a. success fees charged to Transport Providers
b. fees for additional options available to Customers and Transport Providers.

2. IQSC might charge other fees for services offered at Clicktrans, in such case IQSC will inform users previously.

3. It is strictly prohibited to directly charge the Customer for Transport Provider’s expenses (in particular - success fees and fees for additional services).

Part II.A. Contract Success Fees

1. The Success Fees system implemented at Clicktrans concerns only Transport Provider’s Success Fees. Once the Customer selects the Transport Provider’s Quote, the Contact shall be concluded between both Parties. At this point, the Transport Provider is obliged to pay a Success Fee to Clicktrans.

2. Once the Customer selects the Quote, the Transport Provider is charged with Success Fee. The Transport Provider’s account is charged with the amount of a Success Fee.

3. Shall the Success Fee be determined as a percentage of Price for Service, the basis for calculating it shall be provided as a gross amount (including VAT).

4. The amount of Success Fee depends on the Price for Service indicated by the Transport Provider in the selected Quote.

5. The Success Fee shall be calculated by the Administrator, according to tables:
Success fees for listings in EUR currency
Success fees for listings in PLN currency

6. IQSC reserves the right to change the regulations and the rates of Success Fees. These changes shall be implemented according to provisions of Terms and Conditions.

7. In justified cases, IQSC reserves the right to determine an individual rate for the Transport Provider for a fixed time or permanently.

8. IQSC reserves the right to lower the rates of fees for a fixed time of special offers, according to separate regulations of each offer.

B. PART II.B. Fees for additional options.

1. When the User posts a Listing, they can choose additional options for Listing display and promotion at Clicktrans.

2. The fee for additional option shall be charged when the Listing is posted.

3. Shall the additional option be selected when the Listing is already posted, the fee shall be charged according to the Price list below - at the moment of choosing this option.

4. Shall the Listing be removed, subject to Article 4.3 and Article 4.9 of Terms and Conditions, the fees for additional options shall not be returned with the exception of consumer terminating the contract as stipulated by point 2.15 of Terms and Conditions.

5. The Fees for additional options shall be charged according to Table 2:

Additional option Fee (including VAT)
Promoted Listing 6.99 €
Urgent Listing 3.49 €
Table 2. Additional Fees Rate

6. Fees for additional options shall be paid via PayU at the moment of purchase. The Promoted/Urgent Listing shall be posted at Clicktrans once the payment is complete. Shall the Users registered as Transport Providers post the Listing - the fees are calculated according to Part III A of this Appendix and the Listing shall be posted immediately.

PART III. Settlement of charges

A. Transport Provider: Settlement of charges

1. The payments are calculated individually and separately for each User.

2. The User shall be able to manage the payments after logging in under My Account>> Payments.

3. Each User shall be able to check the account balance, payment and transactions history (including charges, fees, reimbursements, payments to an account) from the last 2 years of activity by logging into the User account with the reservation that after this period the User can view the data only upon request. To gain access to transactions and payments before that period, the User shall request it from the Administrator by sending an email to

4. The User shall be able to participate in the Quoting Mode on condition that their invoices and charges are settled.

5. The User shall settle the charges indicated in invoices issued by IQSC on a current basis, within the period specified in the invoice. Regardless of issued invoices, the User shall receive a monthly summary of charges via email.

6. Shall the User Account balance be negative after the payment is due, they are obliged to complete the payment to the benefit of IQSC immediately, otherwise the measures stipulated in point 9 shall be applied. The User shall be informed about the overdraft also via email. The User shall settle the payment to the benefit of IQSC until the due date, in compliance with section “Due date of Payment” in this Appendix.

7. Shall the User Account be maintained with negative balance, the Administrator might send a payment reminder via email or using another method.

8. The User’s payment shall be credited primarily against a due and payable debt which is the longest overdue.

9. Shall the User fail to settle the charges within the due date indicated in the invoice, the User’s Account might be limited or blocked as stipulated in the Articles 13 and 14 of these Terms and Conditions. In order to restore full functionality of the Account, the User shall settle all payments in favour of IQSC immediately.

10. In cases described in section 9 above, the payments which due date was not exceeded yet, shall be paid immediately.

11. The payment details to the benefit of IQSC shall be available after logging into the User’s Account.

12. The payments for IQSC shall be settled via PayU system using:
• credit card or pay card

B. Overpayment

1.The User might request the reimbursement of overpayment amount in the User’s Account at any time, subject to section 4.

2. The overpayment shall be reimbursed upon a written request from the User, sent via e-mail at or to IQSC registered office. The request shall include the bank account number to which the overpaid amount shall be reimbursed.

3. Shall the User have any unsettled fees and charges, or debts in other User’s accounts, the hereinabove mentioned overpayment shall be credited against these dues.

4. The amount of overpayment shall be reimbursed via transfer to the indicated bank account number. If the bank account number is not provided, the overpayment shall be sent by postal order to the contact details provided in registration form.

5. The overpayment reimbursement shall be reduced for 5% of administration fee, calculated on the overpayment amount requested to be reimbursed, subject point 6 below.

6. The administration fee, mentioned in point 5, shall not be charged if the overpayment was created due to reasons attributable to IQSC.

7. Shall the amount be reimbursed with correcting invoice issued for the User, the amount can only be reimbursed if the Users sends a confirmed copy of correcting invoice to the address indicated by IQSC.

8. The Administrator might decide to increase the amount in the User’s Account anytime - top up the User’s account (e.g. as a special offer) without the actual payment made by the User. The User shall be notified about the top up via e-mail. The amount topped up the Administrator in the User’s Account shall not be cashed out. The amount can only be used to settle the payments related with Clicktrans services.

PART IV. Due Date of Payment

1. Clicktrans Users are required to settle the payments within 5 days from receiving an invoice. The date of payment shall be understood as the day on which the account is credited in the Administrator’s bank.

2. The Administrator is entitled to change the due date specified for the User. This date might be extended or reduced in reference to the payment due date, as stipulated in section 1.

PART V. Success Fee Reimbursement

1. In cases justified, Clicktrans might reimburse or not charge the Transport Provider with the Success Fee.

2. In order to request the Success Fee reimbursement, the Transport Provider shall fill in the proper form available at Clicktrans, within 30 days from the date when the Success Fee was charged, subject to point 3 below.

3. In extraordinary cases, IQSC might review the reimbursement requests received after the date stipulated in point 2 above, however not later than within 90 days from the date when the Success Fee was charged.

4. If the invoice is already issued, the Success Fee shall only be reimbursed upon issuing a correcting invoice.

PART VI. Invoices

1. The invoices are issued and shared by IQSC in an electronic form which guarantees the authenticity of their origin and content integrity in compliance with applicable law.

2. By registering at Clicktrans and accepting Terms and Conditions, the User simultaneously accepts the following regulation on electronic invoices:
a. IQSC is entitled to share the invoices with the User on IQSC server (under “My account”) or to send it via e-mail,
b. the invoices are shared or send in PDF (Portable Document Format).

3. The User shall have access to all issued invoices under “My Account”, “Invoices”, where the invoices can be downloaded in an electronic form.

4. The Administrator might send an additional notice on issued invoices to be downloaded or send an invoice to the e-mail address provided by the User.

5. Correcting invoices and duplicate invoices shall also be sent in an electronic form.

6. The User is entitled to withdraw their consent to receive electronic invoices. The User shall inform the Administrator about the withdrawal by sending an email at In hereinabove specified case, the invoices, correcting invoices, and duplicate invoices, starting from the next invoice, shall be sent in print to the postal address provided by the User.

7. If the User withdraws their consent to receive electronic invoices, all invoices, correcting invoices and duplicate invoices shall be sent in print from that moment onwards.

8. If the User who withdrew from receiving electronic invoices, would like to return to e-invoice, the User shall contact the Administrator at and request an option to download and receive electronic invoices.

9. If the User agrees to receive electronic invoices, IQSC can still send printed invoices.

10. IQSC and the User declare to ensure the authenticity of origin and content integrity of the electronic invoices.

11. A monthly invoices shall be issued on the last day of the calendar month and include all the charges (payments and success fees) related with the User’s transactions from that month.

12. The User being a Value Added Tax payer with a registered office in the European Union and outside of Poland, shall present proper documents confirming their registration as taxpayer in that country. The documents confirming the tax payer’s registration and data provided in the form shall be verified, as stipulated in point 2.9 of Terms and Conditions.

13. The User shall update all data required for the invoices immediately, upon any change, including in particular: e-mail address, or postal address to which the invoices shall be sent.

14. Apart from contact details, any changes in invoice details shall only be updated if the registered data was changed, including transformation of a company or any other form of legal succession. The update shall be noted upon verification of the documents confirming legal succession.