How can I quote?

1. Create a free account:

To quote on a transport job on Clicktrans you have to be logged in on your transport provider’s account. Don’t have an account yet? Find out how to register on Clicktrans.

2. Find the best transport jobs for you:

a) Browse delivery jobs and find the one you’re looking for. Browse delivery jobs
b) Check information provided by the customer:

  • delivery dates and address
  • item’s description, weight, and dimensions
  • additional description (might contain e.g. safety instructions).

3. Quote

a) Go to the “Quote” window and fill in the details of your quote:

  • put in the net price (in listing currency)

  • the system will automatically calculate the gross price and VAT rate. Gross price will be rounded up to integer (find out more about automatic rounding of the gross price)

  • the default VAT rate is the one applicable in the country. If this transport job should have a different VAT rate or you are not a VAT payer, you can modify the VAT rate of your quote by clicking “Change”:

  • if you wish, you can also specify your minimum quote - our system will then automatically lower your quote every time you are outbid (until it reaches your minimum quote). Remember that the minimum quote should also be a net value. Find out more about automatic quoting.

b) Provide the following details:

  • fully quoted price (in listing currency, with VAT included)
  • delivery dates
  • type of vehicle
  • additional information.

The customer will be automatically notified about the quote.

Remember that your quote is binding the moment you accept it.  When the customer decides to accept the quote, you will not be asked to confirm your quote again. Accepting the quote means entering into an agreement between you and the customer.

If you wish to withdraw your quote, find out how to do it here: Withdrawing quotes

Once your quote has been accepted, you’ll receive a confirmation email and your customer’s full contact information. It is up to the transport provider to ensure the customer is contacted and the delivery arrangements are set.