Searching from A to B

This option allows you to search for listings by their loading and/or unloading points. If required, you can specify the radius around the loading or unloading point (or both) that should be considered while searching for listings.

Let’s say that you:

- are looking for loads to the UK

- are coming from Berlin and are willing to travel max. 50 km from the city to pick up an additional load.

a) Define the pick-up and unloading points.

Please note that both fields (for pick-up point and unloading point) have two tabs: “Countries” and “Cities, postcodes”.

Depending on what best suits your needs, you can combine the search fields: you can search between cities or between countries, but also from a city to a country and from a country to a city. In addition, when searching by country, you can specify more than one country per search.

b) Define the radius around the pick-up city that should be considered when looking for the best loads.

Please note: If you decide to use the “Search from A to B” option, you won’t see all the loads whose pick-up points fall on the route you’ll be travelling, just those within 50 km of Berlin. To see all the loads on the route you’ll be travelling, use the “Search by route” option.