What is a Quick Deal?

Transport Providers that meet certain criteria get access to Quick Deals. These are listings where the client determines the budget and the Transport Provider can accept the listing - fast and easy. The customer doesn't have to confirm anything. Accepting the job by Transport Provider equals the conclusion of the transaction.

Remember that the price you see on Quick Deals is a gross price. Go to the listing page to see the net price, fee, and VAT rate of this specific Quick Deal.

If this specific transport job should have a different VAT rate than the default one or if you are not a VAT payer, you can change the VAT rate. Find out, how to change a default VAT rate.

    In order to be able to accept Quick Deals, Transport Provider needs to meet the following criteria:

    • minimum number of transactions – 10
    • minimum number of feedback – 10
    • minimum percentage of positive comments – 95%
    • percentage of cancelled transactions is less than 25%
    • at least 60 days have passed from the date of your registration.