What is shipment tracking and how can I share it with the customer?

We have launched shipment tracking in order to improve communication between couriers and customers. As the courier, using the “Clicktrans – for couriers” mobile app, you decide when you want to share with the customer the actual location of the shipment during transportation. You can do this via the app by changing the shipment status to “En route” or “En route PRO”

NOTE: As the transport provider, you have full control over shipment tracking. You decide if you want to enable shipment tracking for the specific delivery. You also decide when you want to start sharing the shipment location and also when to end it. The customer doesn’t have to see the location throughout the whole route. You may choose to share it only when you are close to the destination point. Your location will only be shared with the customer on whose delivery you have enabled shipment tracking.

Shipment tracking is available to couriers using the “Clicktrans – for couriers” mobile app. Haven’t used the app yet? Check how to download it.

How do I share shipment tracking with the customer?
  • Download the free “Clicktrans – for couriers” mobile app.
  • Go to “My quotes” > “Accepted”.
  • When you pick up the delivery and you are ready to start the route, click “Change”.
  • Choose the status “En route” or “En route PRO” and click “Save”.