wyžimačka (No. 6929297)


Item length [m]:


Item width [m]:


Item height [m]:


Total weight [kg]:


Number of items:


Type of service:

Transportation only

Is it palletised?:


Dimensions are approximate

Distance: 497.00 km

Pick-up address and date

Poland, Masovian Voivodeship, Radom

2 Mar 2021

Delivery address and date

Slovakia, Trenčín Region, Okres Nové Mesto Nad Váhom

3 Mar 2021

Industrial equipment

A shipment of a machinery and industrial equipment is a very wide phrase linked to a relatively not easy type of a shipment. It results from the size of the elements. The sizes vary a lot basing on their function, but some are really heavy.

To transport machines and industrial equipment, proper transport vehicles adjusted to the heavy objects are normally needed. Now and again it is needed to organise a special concession for a shipment of such cargo. You ought to call a hauler and talk through it with them in order to prevent any complications when travelling.

If you are considering that kind of transport, you can decide to use a freight exchange service such as Clicktrans.com. By doing it, various transport companies offering various trucks would be aware of your request and hence, you will get favourable price for the service.

Because of the fact that machines such as tractors, electrical transformers or any other agricultural or construction machines are valuable, it may be beneficial to choose the companies that have an insurance policy for the transported elements.