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Transport mini traktorka o wym 2x0,7x1m (No. 258232)

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Distance: 0.00 km

Pick-up address and date

Polska, Łódzkie, okolice Pabianic

From 25 Feb 2015 to 28 Feb 2015

Delivery address and date

Polska, Lubuskie, Niekarzyn k Swiebodzina, 66-213

From 25 Feb 2015 to 28 Feb 2015

Tractors & Farm machinery

Typically moving tractors and farm machinery implies over-size freight. Between “farm machinery” one will find machines like: combines, broadcast seeders, threshers, mowers, hay rakes and many more. Farm machinery as a consequence of their large size are classified as unusual cargo. Most of farm machines cannot use the roads in Poland and in the European Union due to their size and axle load exceeding both Poland’s and EU law.

How to transport farm machinery?

To safely ship farm machinery often you will require jumbo trailer or low-loader semi-trailer. Prospective transport providers ought to obtain right car carrier that enables shipping goods weighting as much as couple of tones, like combines. Transport provider that is willing to take transport job involving farm machines ought to specialize in shipping atypical loads in atypical shapes and sizes. He should have earlier experience and necessary equipment. When shipping cargo which size exceeds existing norms, the transport provider is required to gain necessary permit.

Cost of farm machines shipment

Price of farm machines transport is based on its size, weight and condition the machine is in. Transport cost is also affected by the distance from loading to unloading point and whether there are set loading days and delivery days and hours.