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Single wardrobe (No. 7079708)

Single wardrobe
Length x Width x Height
Single wardrobe
Entered dimensions
91 x 55 x 168 cm
Entered weight
70 kg
Total weight:
70 kg
2057 km
Type of service:
Transportation only
Private person

Pick-up address and date

United Kingdom, The City Of Brighton And Hove, Brighton

Flexible dates

Delivery address and date

Portugal, Aveiro, Pinheiro Da Bemposta

Flexible dates


If you woud like to ship furniture, for example cause you are moving flat or you want to rejuvenate current house, it’s very important to take to heart some methods that will aid to move furniture without any issues. Otherwise, the difficulties you might encounter will cost you a lot, ranging from the marks on your favourite furniture, replacing damaged furnishing with new ones. First, it is necessary to empty the furnishing, wipe it with a cloth or use a spray appropriate for cleaning furnishing (wooden, plastic, metal – whatever your furniture are built of). What's more, it is worth to consider to dismantle the furniture if feasible. When it comes the old furniture it is not as easy as with the new ones, that you probably assembled yourself in the first place. Old furnishing sometimes tend to disfigure or simply break while you are trying to disassemble them. If your furnishing is quite sizable (door, wardrobe, shelf) you should know the exact size, in particular height, width and lenght. If you wish to move household appliances like washing  mashine or a dishwasher ascertain yourself that they are turned off, empty, squeaky clean and there are no leftovers or water in the machine. Whatever you do, when it comes to disassembling furnishing you have the responsibility to secure it nicely – unless you select a transport company to do it. When shipping it yourself use bubble wrap, blankets, polistyren foam, stretch foil etc. Ensure that fragile elements such as furnishing ornaments, sharp edges, glass,  etc. are securedTo make sure the protection stays firm you could strap it with a tape. To find credible transport provider check them on Clicktrans.com, where after adding your delivery you will get quotes from verified transport companies. For the cheapest and hassle-free service, remember to describe thoroughly the object, its dimensions, weight, removabl parts, conditions for transport (securing materials, optimal position in transport) and one of the most essential – the route. The price of the transport is influeneced by all aspects mentioned.