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3000 PLN

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05-07-2017, 09:41

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from 2017-07-08 to 2017-07-11


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Car Transporter

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Price (incl. tax): 3000 PLN

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Jaroslaw G. (Transport Provider)
05-07-2017, 09:41
WITAM. Oferuję transport pomoc drogowa + laweta ,bezpośrednio bez żadnych przeładunków.Od drzwi do drzwi. Samochody transportowane przez nas nie mają uszkodzeń typu : uszkodzeń od wózków widłowych oraz plandek. zapraszam.Posiadamy polisę przewoźnika OCP na 350000 Eur
Jaroslaw G. (Transport Provider)
08-07-2017, 18:37
Witam. Oferta aktualna możemy lądować od poniedziałku . Pozdrawiam
Jaroslaw G. (Transport Provider)
10-07-2017, 23:45
proszę o info czy aktualne i jaki Pani posiada budżet
Jaroslaw G. (Transport Provider)
11-07-2017, 17:10
witam. cena dnia jutro ładujemy proszę o info cena 2500zł.
ewelina w. (Customer)
15-07-2017, 09:36
Witam, ale to byloby specalnie wyjazd z Polska czy juz pan jest e barcelonie i przy Okazji?
ewelina w. (Customer)
22-07-2017, 16:56
Witam, za 2500 bierzemy. [treść usunięta przez administratora]
Jaroslaw G. (Transport Provider)
25-07-2017, 00:35
Witam. Nasza cena min. 3000 zł oferta ważna do wtorku do wieczora.
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Car Transport

There are many cases when people  wish to transport a car. For example, when you purchase a brand new a car or import it from country such as France, Germany or Greece etc. final price of transport depends on many factors: technical condition, weigth, size of the vehicle, length of the route and shipping method. One of the penny-wise solutions to transport an auto is to make a listing on - in an instant you will receive offers from transport companies specialising in car transport. Before you come to decision which transport provider you like the most ensure the transport provider has his car  insured and check if he offers parcel insurance also,in case of car accident, delivery delay or defect. What are the ways of an auto moving? For a car transport you could utilise car platforms/car carrier trucks. you could have already seen open carriers which are cost-effectve, but less safe and are able to carry many autos at one time. Enclosed carriers carry only up to 5 autos and protect them in extreme weather conditions. Additionally, you can also have your vehicle towed or carry it on a trailer. It is important to strap the car properly, so it is well-secured during transport. All wheels should be strap down with belts. It is essential to be aware that weight of the load shoud not exceed the actual weight of the car platform. You can transport a car on your own as long as you have a proper driving licence for this job and a car you plan to move does not exceed 3,5 t. When hiring a transport company to transport an auto within the European Union, in most cases you will need a CRM note. Shipping a car with car carrier trucks in the United Kingdom costs around 1 GBP per km. On longer routes, above 300 km} the cost is 0,2-0,5 {{pounds per kilometer. transporting a vehicle with autotransporters/car carrier trucks abroad costs around 0,2-0,5 GBP per km, depending on the route lenght.

Pick-up address and date

Barcelona, Spain

Flexible dates

Delivery address and date

Nysa, Poland

Flexible dates