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Piano (No. 1669334)


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United Kingdom, England, Rugby

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United Kingdom, England, Rugby

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Piano transportation

Pianos just as all of the musical instruments are considered to be fragile cargo. Transporting them sometimes turns out to be quite tricky, not only because almost all of them are quite vulnerable to breaking, but also because all the music instruments are quite expensive. With grand pianos there is additional obstacle: they often are of massive size and weight, which makes it more challenging to transport them safely.

While preparing your piano for transportation, remember to secure the lid with some duct tape as well as wrap the edges of the item with a few layers of Styrofoam. To make the transportation between the apartment and the transporting vehicle easier, you can use a dolly.

It is not possible to transport a piano without any help. A grand piano can weight up to 661 lbs – you need approx. 6 people to get it to the shipping vehicle. Make sure you are being extra careful during transportation (even minor shocks can cause the piano to go out of tune and sometimes even really damage it). If you want to be sure the cargo is safe, it is smart to hire a hauler to ship your piano.

When looking for a transport provider to ship a piano, it’s best to find a transport provider that specializes in transporting musical instruments, because not every hauler with enough space in his car to fit a piano can be trusted with transportation of musical instruments. The piano has to be secured not only in case of sudden turns, but also against any shocks that may happen during transportation. Constant vibrations happening for a long period of time can cause real damage to the piano.

What’s more, there is an additional benefit in finding a transport provider to ship your piano. Professional transport providers usually possess a product liability insurance, which means that should anything happen to your precious cargo, you will be able to demand a compensation.