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narzędzia i kilka kartonów z pierdołami

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Transportation only

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Distance: 1820.00 km

Other Machinery and Equipment

Other Machinery and Equipment subsection consist of all the transport jobs that can not fit into any of the other existing Machinery and Equipment subsections: Industrial Equipment, Household Appliances, Consumer Electronics, Sport Equipment, Garden Equipment and Office Supplies.

Shipment of machinery or equipment frequently requires the transport provider to have experience with comparable cargo as well as professional knowledge. The load must be correctly secured to prevent potential damages, indentations and malfunctions. The most typical machinery and equipment that needs to be transported is: welders, steel frames, vending machines and many others.

Prices of shipping machinery and equipment

Prices of shipping machines and equipment frequently depends on dimensions, shape and weight of the load as well as transport length. Frequently machinery shipment means oversize freight – for which transport provider is required to have needed certificates and expert know-how in the subject.

Undoubtedly price of transport hinges on the length between loading and unloading point . For example, on roads shorter than 1000 kilometers average price for 1 kilometer is almost 2 zloty while at the same time on longer routes the average cost for 1 kilometer lowers to about 0,45 zl – and some quotes are even about 0,19 PLN for 1 km!

Use Other Machinery and Equipment subcategory when in need of transporting machinery you have trouble placing in any of the others subsections – like vending machines, mowers, ice-cream machines and so on. 

Pick-up address and date

Exeter, United Kingdom

From 21 Nov 2017 to 25 Nov 2017

Delivery address and date

Katowice, Poland

Flexible dates