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Paleta miodu w sloikach, zestrapowana. W temp. pokojowej transport

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Distance: 1258.00 km

Food transport

Food is one of the categories that has the most strict standards when it comes to storage and transporting. The most important cause is the danger of products getting spoiled when stored and shipped improperly. The possible transport provider should keep the standards of storage and shipping food so as to keep the cargo from rotting and in consequence getting damaged irreversibly. The transport provider is also required to attain needed certifications stating that he is fitted to safely transport agriculture products and is in possession of crucial equipment. Among the main reasons food shipment has such restrictive norms is the variety of the category – in “Food” section you will find: meat, dairy, frozen products, vegetable products, liquids, cereals and many more. Each of this special groups requires individual storing and shipping conditions, like certain temperature or humidity. Transport providers that are thinking of transporting food ought to keep the delivery date, due to the usually short expiration dates of the load. They also ought to ensure that the load is secured well and shielded from weather conditions. In addition a transport provider who wants to ship food products, ought to get needed permissions from Food Standard Agency.

Cost of food shipping

Price of food shipping varies highly, since the category is quite diverse. Similarly to the most loads, the price of transport depends on the dimensions and weight of the load as well as route length as well as whether the route crosses any borders. However with food transportation we can discern another price-defining factor: whether your cargo requires specific conditions for the shipping. So when you have to ship a load that needs to be shipped in certain temperature or humidity, you should probably be prepared to pay higher price than you would while transporting e.g. furniture of similar weight and dimensions.

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Warsaw, Poland

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Antwerp, Belgium

Flexible dates