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Vehicle accessories and parts

Car parts as well as gadgets is a very large and diverse category, where one can find elements necessary for a car to function properly, like: fuel tank, speedometer or battery as well as gadgets not necessary for the vehicle to work, but created to improve our vehicle and make driving less dangerous and more convenient, like: bumpers, fog light or dashcam.

Vehicle parts and gadgets are considered a possibly troublesome type of cargo, mainly because the section is really diverse and therefore needs to be handled with special care. Car parts as well as gadgets don’t have to be very big in size but they usually are considerably heavy as well as irregular in structure, which which complicates storing it in a shipping vehicle. Additionally uneven shape makes securing the load for transportation harder, as any element that sticks out will be especially prone to damage in transport.

Car elements, regardless of its weight and size are quite delicate while shipped – even lesser bumps may effect in dents, which can affect the work of the item.

It is very important to make sure the car parts as well as accessories are properly secured inside the shipping car. They cannot move while being transported, even during sudden turn or emergency braking. Fastening shipped car elements is essential only partially because of the danger of damaging the cargo. Significant weight of many car elements may also become a serious danger for the driver as well as any other road users if the load wasn’t fastened properly.

The price of car elements as well as accessories transportation can be very hard to estimate, mostly because it is a really large and various section of cargos. The most important price-defining factors are: dimensions and weight of the load, route length and special conditions that must be met while the load is shipped. 

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Zgorzelec, 59-900, Poland

30 Apr 2018

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Swarzędz, Poland

20 May 2018