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Jetski (No. 6480684)


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Distance: 486.00 km

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United Kingdom, England, Torquay

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United Kingdom, Lancashire, Lancaster

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How to transport a jet ski

Shipping jet skis can cause many issues. The main obstacle could be the size of a watercraft. Its length is typically above 3 meters, width and height are usually more than one meter. Moreover, jet ski is a heavy thing to move. The weight of a jet ski is around 440-880 lbs. It is really a lot! Let’s not forget that a personal watercraft is also an extremely expensive item. So, that's why it's more high-risk to ship. We must be certain that we treat this cargo carefully. If we are willing to do it by ourselves, without an assistance from a transport provider, we need to decide what transport vehicle will be best. This should be a smart decision. It is reasonable to pick a semi-trailer, van or a truck. Despite that, it is very important to have in mind transporting as well as securing the expensive cargo. You could secure watercraft’s corners using styrofoam or simple piece of textile like blanket. Yet, the best option is to wrap the cargo in a material or bubble wrap – anything that will protect the watercraft from scratches. During transportation a single shake can cause undesired damage, thus it is important to properly secure your costly cargo.

During the shipping the load should be fastened with special belts since it is not supposed to shake on the way. On the grounds that a jet ski is rather heavy it should be placed close to wheel axle. Otherwise, it could damage the back of the vehicle. Jet ski has zero wheels, so when loading you ought to use a device like a small crane to move up the item. An entry platform could be useful as well.

If you don't feel like doing this on your own, it is advisable to hire a transport provider. When you need to quickly and successfully find transport companies specializing in such a unique shipping, you must use Clicktrans.com. A few moments after you present your cargo, thousands of transport companies will be notified about your need. That is the most efficient way to receive good and cut-price offers. What is more, while searching on Clicktrans, ensure that a transport provider you want to choose guarantee a carrier liability insurance. Jet skis cost a lot, so it is better to secure the freight in case of any damage happening during shipment. That will give you an opportunity to receive compensation.

The price of delivering jest ski may depend on a lot of factors like distance or the way of shipment that we expect (for exmple whether a semi-trailer or a van will be used). For example, a delivery of a jet ski with semi-trailer from Portsmouth (United Kingdom) to Legnica (Poland) cost around £225. That included travelling by ferry with a load.