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Distance: 1401.00 km

Motorboat transport

Speedboats are vehicles for water travel motorized by an engine. Speedboats can be separated in 2 categories: motorboats powered by inboard engine as well as motorboats with outboard motor installed on the back of the boat. Regardless of the kind of the powerboat, it is potentially tricky  to transport, because of its considerable dimensions and shape that makes keeping the boat upright difficult.

To ship a powerboat you will need  a trailer intended for shipping powerboats – to ensure that your vehicle will be correctly secured and therefore won’t be damaged during shipment. Certain types of speedboat trailers have additional elements to make shipping a boat even easier, e.g. a set of rollers, that will ensure you can load the powerboat without trouble and after finishing the transport to launch it again effortlessly.

When it comes to getting ready for motorboat shipment, one of the most important things is to measure the boat properly. You should measure the speedboat personally, for the size given by the seller sometimes may not be accurate.

Make sure to remove as many items as you can from a motorboat you are planning to transport. It is important to keep in mind that you cannot pass the maximum permissible mass of the vehicle and that the weight of the vehicle means not only the vehicle itself, but additionally the trailer and the powerboat you plan to ship.

In case you cannot ship the speedboat yourself, there is a possibility to hire a transport provider to transport it for you. That way you won’t need to worry about finding a suitable trailer and a transporting vehicle. Moreover, a hauler can help with loading and unloading of the speedboat and additionally his experience can without any doubt make the job easier.

When it comes to estimating a cost of speedboat shipment, on international routes with United Kingdom, prices start from €225. The price hinges on the size and weight of the motorboat, the condition of the motorboat as well as how long the route is.

Pick-up address and date

Bridge Wharf, Runnymede, KT16 8LQ, United Kingdom

Flexible dates

Delivery address and date

Wrocław, 40-203, Poland

Flexible dates