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Gokart (No. 8073466)

Length x Width x Height
160 x 120 x 50 cm
150 kg
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Total weight:
150 kg
302 km
Private person

Pick-up address and date

Germany, Lower Saxony, Delmenhorst

Flexible dates

Delivery address and date

Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia, Köln

Flexible dates

Kart transportation

At first glance shipping a kart looks rather easy as well as effortless. Usually though it requires a bit of preparing and special equipment to be done efficiently. There are a few main ways of shipping a kart: you may use a dedicated trailer, a delivery truck or a passenger car (if it’s able to fit a go-kart). When transporting a kart it’s important to fasten it safely so that it won’t become damaged in shipment and also so that it won’t become a danger to other vehicles on the road. A go-kart is lighter than for example a quad or a motorcycle, however it’s still over 100 kg so if it happens to fall from the trailer while on the move, it can pose a real threat on the road.

When you are transporting a kart on a trailer, you should have some durable tie down belts to attach your vehicle to the shipping trailer. The kart shouldn’t be able to move during transportation. Don’t forget to have some extra straps with you in case one of the belts rips during shipment and you have to use a new one. When you are transporting a go-kart on a trailer, it’s good to enclose the kart in some sheet or even a bed sheet to protect it from atmospheric conditions as prolonged exposure to rain or dust can seriously damage your go-kart, in some cases permanently. If you ship your kart in a passenger car, it’s a good idea to use some bumpers to cushion possible shocks on the road.

Don’t forget to always pump out all the fluids from the go-kart before shipment – that means gasoline and also oil ect.. This will help you to ensure you’ll easily avoid any leakage if your go-kart tips over during sudden turn.

If you don’t have a vehicle that will be able to safely ship a go-kart or you can’t ship it on your own, you can always hire a transport provider. Every hauler will easily fit a kart in their transporting vehicles. You’ll also get a chance to gain some professional know-how, like how to secure a go-kart properly, which you can then use next time you need transportation.