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Forklift (No. 5929633)

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Distance: 253.00 km

Pick-up address and date

United Kingdom, England, Seaford

From 12 Mar 2020 to 15 Mar 2020

Delivery address and date

United Kingdom, Warwickshire, Southam

From 15 Mar 2020 to 17 Mar 2020

Plant & Construction

In Plant and Construction subcategory we placed all the heavy-duty equipment, usually used in construction tasks. They have different purposes but their common denominator is large size and weight.

Plant and construction category consists of many different types of equipment, such as:

- track-type machines, for example tractors or track skidders

- excavators, which contain bucket-wheel excavators, front shovels, yarders as well as reclaimers

- forestry vehicles – like harvesters or skidders

- loaders – like wheel loader

- material handlers – which consist of cranes, straddle carriers and telescopic handlers

- equipment used for paving – which include: asphalt paver, pavement milling, roller compactor or slip form paver

- equipment used in underground jobs, for example: road headers or tunnel boring machines

- machines dedicated for road construction and maintenance, like street sweepers

Cost of heavy equipment shipment

Cost of construction machine transportation is strongly dependable on its weight and size. Technical condition is another major factor, as it usually determines how the machinery can be shipped. The price will be further affected by the distance between loading place and unloading place and whether or not you will need to choose the delivery date. For shipping heavy equipment between countries you will have to pay more than for shipping within the country.