Ford C-Max (No. 7720667)

Ford C-Max
Ford C-Max 2 Gen. (2010 - 2015) Minivan
438 cm
182 cm
162 cm
1417 kg

* Can the car be rolled onto the car transporter without using a crane?

Total weight:
1417 kg
0 km

Pick-up address and date

Spain, Catalonia, Barcelona

From 10 Jan 2022 to 30 Jan 2022

Delivery address and date

El Salvador, Ahuachapan, Ahuachapan

From 1 Feb 2022 to 28 Feb 2022

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Car transport

There are many cases when you  wish to ship an auto. First of all, when we order a new a car or import it from a different country such as France, Poland or Italy etcetera, Final cost of shipping depends on multiple factors: technical condition, weigth, size of the car, length of the journey and transport method. One of the most cost-efficient methods to move a vehicle is to make a listing on - in an instant you will get offers from transport providers specialising in car transport. Before you come to decision which transport compny you like the most ensure the transport provider has his auto  insured and check if he offers parcel insurance also,in case of car accident, delivery delay or damage. What are the methods for a vehicle shipping? For a vehicle shipping you could use car carriers/car carrier trucks. There are open carriers which are cost-effectve, but less safe and are able to carry many vehicles at the same time. Enclosed carriers carry only up to 5 autos and secure them in extreme weather conditions. Additionally, you can also have your car towed or carry it on a trailer. It is important to strap the car properly, so it is well-secured during transport. All wheels should be secured with belts. It is essential to keep in mind that weight of the vehicle shoud not exceed the actual weight of the car carrier. You can ship a car yourself if you have a proper driving licence for this job and a car you plan to transport does not exceed 3,5 tonne. When hiring a transport company to ship an auto within the EU, usually you will need a CRM note. Shipping a car with car carrier trucks within the United Kingdom costs around 1 pounds per kilometer. On longer routes, above 300 kilometers per km. moving an auto with autotransporters/car carrier trucks abroad costs around 0,2-0,5 £ per km, depending on the route lenght.