Chłodzone produkty spożywcze (No. 7537179)

Chłodzone produkty spożywcze
Chłodzone produkty spożywcze
8000 kg
Total weight:
8000 kg
121 km

Pick-up address and date

Czech Republic, Moravskoslezsko, Frýdek-Místek

From 1 Apr 2021 to 18 Apr 2021

Delivery address and date

Slovakia, Žilina Region, Dolný Kubín

From 12 Apr 2021 to 25 Apr 2021

Food transport

Food transport is one of the categories that has the most strict standards concerning storage and shipping. The most important cause is the possibility of products getting rotten if stored and transported improperly. The possible transport provider must uphold the standards of storage and shipping food so as to prevent the products from spoiling and therefore getting damaged permanently. The transport provider is also obliged to have needed permissions declaring that he is able to safely transport agriculture products as well as is in possession of needed devices. Among the main reasons food transport has such strict norms is the variety of the category – in “Food” category you may come across: meat, dairy, frozen products, vegetable products, liquids, cereals and many others. Most of these requires certain storing and shipping environment, like certain temperature or humidity. Transport providers that are thinking of shipping food ought to keep the delivery date, because of the usually short expiration dates of the load. They also must guarantee that the food is secured well and shielded from weather conditions. Furthermore a transport provider who is willing to transport food products, has to obtain needed permissions from Food Standard Agency.

Price of food transportation

Price of food transportation varies hugely, because the category is very diverse. Similarly to the most cargo, the cost of transport is connected with the dimensions and weight of the load and route length and also whether the route is international. However with food shipment we can discern additional price-defining factor: whether your load requires special conditions for the transport. Therefore when you have to ship a cargo that ought to be transported in particular temperature or humidity, it is best to be prepared to pay more than you would for shipping for example pallets of comparable weight and dimensions.