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Chevrolet camaro

(No. 1763370)

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2016 chevy camaro

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Distance: 843.00 km

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800 €

Company ID: 44067
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02-05-2017, 17:47

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from 2017-05-08 to 2017-06-25


After 2 days

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Delivery Van

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2017-07-01, 19:08

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Здравствуйте.Доставлю Ваш автомобиль.

Price (incl. tax): 800 €

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Anatoliy G. (Customer)
02-05-2017, 18:14
Здрасивуйте. А ви работаете с польськой таможней Авто придет на таможню в польшу . Гданськ. Мне нужно бить там или ви можете бес меня забрать и привести на шегині
Dymitr K. (Transport Provider)
02-05-2017, 18:25
Авто зарегистрировано ? Какие будут документЫ ?
Anatoliy G. (Customer)
02-05-2017, 18:41
Авто на американской регистрации. На мое имя . У меня амер гражданство
Dymitr K. (Transport Provider)
02-05-2017, 18:48
Думаю можно.Точно смогу узнать в четверг-пятницу. Но если есть возможность,лучше конечно с хозяином. Раз в неделю мой транспорт ездит на Украину,могу вас забрать и вместе поехать за авто. Польский на уровне родного.
Anatoliy G. (Customer)
02-05-2017, 19:00
Хорошо жду ответа

890 €

Company ID: 66092
listing unavailable

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Quote placed:

02-05-2017, 10:57

Pick-up dates available:

from 2017-05-02 to 2017-05-14


After 2 days

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Additional info:

Witam witam :) :) Jesteśmy zainteresowani transportem Państwa ładunku. Dysponujemy szeroką gamą naczep i pojazdów od 1,5t do 24ton. W cenę wliczony jest już monitoring ładunku, przydzielony opiekun na czas obsługi zlecenia oraz ubezpieczenie ładunku powierzonego na czas transportu - OCP oraz OCS(do 500tys euro) Załadunek i rozładunek po stronie zleceniodawcy. Zapraszamy do kontaktu i skorzystania z naszych solidnych usług :) P.S jeśli nie odpisujemy to prosimy o akcepta i kontakt telefoniczny co przyspieszy i ułatwi dogranie ewentualnego transportu :) Pozdrawiam Marlena T :)

Price (incl. tax): 890 €

Messages: (1)

Anatoliy G. (Customer)
02-05-2017, 11:07
I do not know how to write in polish! Ukrainian and English only, however i do speak some polish. I do need to transport my vehicle from gdansk custom to ukrainian custom Shegyni . Do you pick up directly from custom or i have to come and pick it up ? I think they wont release to shipper unless you maybe approved custom carrier,or maybe you know how it works I am shipping my car from chicago to gdansk. I would like to pick it up at ukraine custom.
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Car Transport

There are many situations when we  need to ship a vehicle. For instance, when you buy a new a vehicle or alternatively import it from country such as France, Poland or Greece etcetera, definite cost of shipping depends on various factors: maintenance, weigth, size of the car, length of the route and shipping solution. One of the most cost-effective solutions to transport an auto is to list your car on - soon you will get quotes from transport providers specialising in auto shipping. Before you select which transport compny you prefere make sure the transport provider has his vehicle  insured and check if he provides parcel insurance also,in case of car accident, delivery delay or defect. What are the ways of a car shipping? For an auto transport you can use car carriers/car carrier trucks. you could have already seen open carriers which are cost-effectve, but less secure and can take many vehicles at the same time. Enclosed carriers take only up to 5 vehicles and protect them in troublesome weather conditions. Other than that, you can also have your auto towed or put it on a trailer. It is crucial to install the car properly, so it is well-secured during transport. Four wheels should be secured with belts. It is critical to keep in mind that weight of the load shoud not exceed the actual weight of the platform. You may ship an auto on your own as long as you have an appropriate driving licence for this job and a vehicle you would like to carry does not exceed 3,5 tonne. When hiring a transport company to transport a vehicle within the European Union, usually you will create and sign a consignment note. transporting a car with car carrier trucks within the United Kingdom costs around 1 GBP per kilometer. On a longer route, above 300 GBP per kilometer. transporting a car with autotransporters/car carrier trucks to a foreign country costs around 0,2-0,5 pounds per kilometer, depending on the country.

Pick-up address and date

Gdańsk, Poland

Flexible dates

Delivery address and date

Шегинівська сільська рада, 81321, Ukraine

Flexible dates