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bicicleta (No. 4732472)


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Distance: 1576.00 km

Pick-up address and date

Spain, Comunidad De Madrid, Madrid

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Belgium, Région De Bruxelles-Capitale - Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest, Brussels

9 Sep 2019

Sport equipment transportation

Sport machinery category includes all the equipment usually used when training, e.g. in a health club – for example trademills, dumbbells as well as stationary exercise bikes. Items like surf boards, snowboards, skateboards, climbing equipment can also be considered sport equipment. Under this category also falls everything that may be considered protective wear while doing sports: for example helmets (e.g. football helmet), shoulder pads and so on or suits (e.g. ski suit). In most cases sport equipment is large, heavy as well as really troublesome in transportation as well as almost impossible to transport on your own.

Sport machinery ought to be safely secured for the time of shipment, preferably wrapped in bubble wrap. It’s safest to transport sport equipment in its original packaging because it is best suited to the machinery you want to ship. In case you do not have the original packaging, try to find a container the best suited in size because any additional space between box and the machinery may lead to damaging of the machinery. If there is some space left, packl it with bubble wrap. If the sport equipment you want to move consists of several elements, you should dismantle it and secure every part separately – especially if any of the elements are prone to damage. Sport equipment shouldn’t be able to move in its packaging.

While estimating the cost of the sport equipment transportation, it mostly is connected with the size of the item and its weight, the number of the equipment in need of transportation as well as the route length and the dates of the pick-up and delivery.