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Autocaravana (No. 5881218)

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Dimensions are approximate

Distance: 2403.00 km

Pick-up address and date

Spain, Canary Islands, Las Palmas De Gran Canaria

15 Jun 2020

Delivery address and date

Spain, Catalonia, Barcelona

26 Jun 2020

Transporting a caravan

Shipping a caravan is often correlated with a lot of problems, but actually it is much easier than it seems. If you want to ship a caravan on your own, do not forget to check if your driving license enables you to do it.

Kinds of caravans

A Conventional caravan – as can be deduced from the name, this is the most usual type of caravan. It has 4 solid walls and a full height rood. Mentioned type can range in length and in the number of rooms, however in most cases it provides pretty convenient travelling environment. Conventional caravans come in one or two axles.

B Tent trailer – is a type of caravan that is a fine alternative if you want to decrease the costs. It can be towed by almost any car and usually includes the most basic equipment, like shower and a fridge. Tent trailer gives you considerable amount of living space however offers much less wind resistance than a conventional caravan.

C Pop-top caravans -  this kind is similar to conventional caravans with the exception of a lifting roof, which can increase the living space. Pop-top caravans, much like a tent trailer does not provide much wind resistance.

D Pop-out caravans – this type of caravan has all the advantages of a pop-top caravan as well as additional expandable area on the foot and the head of the vehicle, which is a convienient spot to fit extra beds, should you need them. Pop-out caravans are especially favored by big families.

5) Camper trailers – this type of caravan offers not as much living space as most of the types mentioned before, but thanks to having all the basic equipment (shower, fridge and so on) it is a comfortable and budget manner of travelling. 

6) The fifth-wheeler – this is the largest type of caravan. It offers very big amount of living space, which allows whole families to travel pleasantly. Due to its considerable size,  the fifth-wheeler requires a larger vehicle to tow it (like a pickup truck).

Sometimes it is impossible to transport a caravan by yourself – it depends on whether you have right amount of time to drive required route and whether the caravan itself is capable of covering the distance.

In case you decide to find a shipping company to transport your caravan, make sure you know the specific dimensions of the caravan. Also make sure that its insurance hasn’t expired. Futhermore, instruct the hauler about condition of the caravan – like whether brakes work properly.

When hiring a transport provider to ship your caravan you do not need to worry about your driving license or speed limits  - all the requirements apply to the transport provider. Furthermore, shipping companies often have product liability insurance, which will ensure you a compensation, if anything happens with the caravan during shipment.

Price of transporting a caravan

Cost of moving a caravan depends on its dimensions and weight (similar tomost types of loads}. Other than that , the cost is also defined by the state of the caravan – if it is undamaged, you will likely get cheaper price.