Aquador 28 HT (No. 6850180)

Aquador 28 HT

Item length [m]:


Item width [m]:


Item height [m]:


Total weight [kg]:


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Distance: 2060.00 km

Pick-up address and date

Croatia, Šibenik-Knin County, Pirovac

24 Feb 2021

Delivery address and date

Sweden, Halland County, Kungsbacka

1 Mar 2021

Yachts transportation

Transporting a boat requires special equipment as well as careful arrangements. A sailing boat is a very prone to damage and costly load. Possible damages (which can be pretty simple to get) could badly impair the yacht’s value. That’s the reason it is best to hire an experienced transport provider to transport a yacht – his knowledge as well as abilities will serve as warrant that shipped boat will arrive at its destination without any problems.

Nonetheless even if you hire a transport provider to transport a yacht, you still need to make some preparations personally. Firstly, check the precise dimensions of your sailing boat. You can rely on what the manufacturer tells you, but it is always safer to take the dimensions of the boat personally, because even minor differences in values can cause the transport to be more demanding and in some cases even impossible. There are 3 dimensions that you should know when searching for someone to transport your yacht: the length, the height and the beam. Length of the sailing boat should be measured from the bow all the way to the transom. The sailing boat length shouldn’t contain any attachments, for example an outboard motor. The height of the yacht should be measured between the keel and the highest point of the vessel. As for the beam – it is checked where the boat is widest, usually near the middle of the boat.

Please, note that taking precise size of the yacht affects not only the safety of the shipment but additionally its cost. Moreover, it can also affect the time the transportation can occur – because in some countries the boats above a particular length are not permitted on the road in certain times of a day.

Of course, the most risk-free way to ship a sailing boat is by using a dedicated boat trailer or a semitrailer (depending on how big the boat is). In case you choose to get help from a transport provider, you don’t have to worry about proper way to secure it – the hauler will be obliged to take care of that. When looking for a right transport provider, ask if he has a carrier liability insurance, which will entitle you to receive a repayment if anything should happen to your yacht in shipment.

The cost of boat shipment largely hinges on the dimensions of the yacht and how long the route is. Other price-defining factor is the weather – harsh weather conditions may lead to damaging of the boat. In case your boat may be shipped in varying weather conditions, the transport provider will have to secure it properly, which could raise the cost of the shipment.