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Abruch Arm (No. 6336370)

Item length [m]:


Item width [m]:


Item height [m]:


Total weight [kg]:


Number of items:


Distance: 534.00 km

Pick-up address and date

France, Lower Normandy, Saint-Jean-Du-Cardonnay

From 20 Jul 2020 to 24 Jul 2020

Delivery address and date

Germany, Saarland, Überherrn

From 21 Jul 2020 to 24 Jul 2020

Vehicle accessories and parts

Car parts as well as accessories is a very large as well as various category, where one can find parts necessary for a car to work, for example: car engine, speedometer or alternator as well as gadgets not essential for the car to work, but designed to upgrade your car and make using it safer or more convenient, like: windshield, fog light or radio player.

Vehicle elements and gadgets are believed to be a potentially troublesome type of cargo, mostly because the cathegory is very varied and therefore needs to be secured with extra caution. Vehicle elements as well as gadgets are often not very large in size but they can be significantly heavy and irregular in structure, which which complicates storing it in a shipping vehicle. Additionally uneven shape makes securing the cargo for shipping more tricky, as any element that sticks out will be particularly prone to damage during shipping.

Vehicle elements, no matter if they are heavy or large are quite delicate in transportation – even minor bumps may cause indentations, which will make the item useless.

It’s crucial to make sure the vehicle parts as well as accessories are correctly secured in the transporting vehicle. They cannot shift during shipping, even during fast turn or abrupt braking. Securing shipped car parts is essential only partially because of the danger of damaging the cargo. Considerable weight of the most vehicle elements may also become a real danger for the hauler as well as other road users if the load wasn’t fastened properly.

The cost of vehicle parts as well as gadgets transportation is very hard to estimate, mostly due to it being a very wide and diverse category of loads. The most important price-defining factors are: dimensions as well as weight of the cargo, how long the route is and special requirements that must be met while the load is shipped.