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7-10 PALET EURO (No. 4224337)


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Transportation only

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Distance: 546.00 km

Pick-up address and date

Poland, Greater Poland Voivodeship, Poznań

From 16 Apr 2019 to 18 Apr 2019

Delivery address and date

Poland, Lesser Poland Voivodeship, Tarnow

From 17 Apr 2019 to 19 Apr 2019

Less Than Truckload

Less than Truckload (LTL) represents a good mode of delivery of a small freight that does not require a big area and is often kept on pallets. It benefits available surface in the truck by combining a few independent cargos. Less than Truckload is economical since principals have an opportunity to split the price of the shipment with other people that also are planning to use a share of the space available in the truck. LTL cargos typically weigh between 151 and 20,000 pounds.

Trucks specialised in the LTL weigh more than 3.5 tons and should be accordant with the requirements that are in force in a particular region. There are many versions of vehicles that are fit to be part of the LTL, but they must be always adequately suited to the size of the elements that will be moved.

The cost of the transportation is calculated depending on a few factors. Primarly, content and weight of the commodity. The person who order a shipment should also give a delivery man data about the way the product is packed. It is also worth mentioning what you wish to be included in the service – is it just the shipment or does it also encompass loading and unloading.

When you notice that space available via the less than truckload does not suffice to transport your cargo, you can choose a different option – full truck load (FTL).