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1 kayak (No. 6510816)

Item length [m]:


Item width [m]:


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Total weight [kg]:


Distance: 1225.00 km

Pick-up address and date

Spain, Catalonia, Tossa De Mar

From 29 Sep 2020 to 5 Oct 2020

Delivery address and date

Spain, Andalusia, Isla Cristina

Flexible dates

How to transport a kayak?

Due to its unordinary shape and size transporting canoes may be a challenge. Canoes are usually shipped on the roof of the vehicle. In order to do this you need to use roof racks and special roof rack towers. Placing a canoe on roof racks in order for it to stay still as well as secured during a long-lasting travel could be tricky. There is an easy solution that makes it achievable. Put some spongy fabric on the roof rack. It will act as a slip resistant stuffing.

Canoes are supposed to be installed on the top of the car upside down by special stretchy straps with metal clasps. Use at least 2 straps. Also, don’t forget to grab an additional belt with you – in case one of the belts gets damaged during transportation. When you ship a canoe using your vehicle make sure the cargo isn’t too weighty for your vehicle. It is extremely important in case you plan to transport more than 1 kayak. Before you start the car make sure one more time if all the belts are used properly. Don’t pull the belts too tight though. They could destroy the kayaks. During the road your load isn’t supposed to move. If you hear any noise coming from the roof, stop to rapidly examine the situation. Have in mind that not only your safety is at risk, but also people’s travelling close to you.

Having canoes on the roof ought to encourage every driver to drive cautiously and not too fast. In addition, remember to pull over from time to time to check the situation on the rooftop of your car. Furthermore, it is important to follow the road traffic regulations in your country regarding shipping a large load. In some places drivers have to specially assign their cargo with flags or stripes. Find out if you have any obligations according to local legislation. Do your research carefully before you start the journey. 

Cooperation with couriers

As you see, transporting kayaks by yourself is not an easy task. Despite the fact that canoes are quite light they are still large. This is the reason why the best way to deal with the issue is to engage a courier.

Proffessional transport providers are more experienced with unique cargo and use special equipment and vehicles regularly. The fastest way to find the right service provider for your needs is to list your item via Clicktrans.com. After listing your cargo and providing important information, you will receive quotes from couple transport companies that specialize in delivering canoes. You have a chance to compare prizes, establish the details with transport providers as well as feel confident that your special cargo will be delivered on time and wherever you desire.

The cost of kayak transportation

The price of delivering canoes depends on the quantity of the equipment, the weight and size of the cargo as well as, naturally, the distance to travel. For example transporting a kayak abroad from UK to Poland costs about £70-£100.

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