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Angelopoulos has done a great job! He organised the pick-up almost instantly after I confirmed his offer. The transport ran smoothly and everything arrived in good conditions on time. He kept me updated about the delivery date. Thank you very much!

Paket x 2

Pick-up as scheduled and delivered the very same day. All items arrived as described by seller. Highly recommend. ~Frank

Parcel x 7

Perfect service, very good communication, definitely will be using again. Thank you Paul.

Parcel x 3

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Tips for preparing for transportation

How to transport a parcel

Even though there are lots of courier companies, shipping packages is problematic. What is more, it may be really costly. Mostly it happens when you need to ship load abroad. In that case costs offered by shipping companies are simply unbeneficial. Sometimes the problem may be additionally the dimensions or mass of the package. Huge or untypically shaped stuff is more difficult to transport so some couriers simply won’t accept your package. This is the reason why the perfect alternative for parcel transportation is Clicktrans – an online marketplace for shipping. Thanks to Clicktrans you will find thousands of transport providers who will deliver any load despite the weight or destination. Haulers on Clicktrans drive internationally and what is more they are experienced. Clicktrans ensures that your freight is in good hands.

Preparation for package transportation

Every load ought to be packed with caution. Safe packaging doesn’t take too much time and guarantees that your load will stay in the same condition after the arrival. Be aware that this is your responsibility as a consumer to prepare a parcel for pick-up. However, you might hire a hauler to do it on your behalf if you simply don’t feel like doing it. Transport companies provide best knowledge and know how to deal with all kinds of stuff.

The most common way to prepare a load packaging is to use a cardboard. You can use cardboard found at home, if it is in good shape. You may as well go to a local supermarket to get some boxes for free. Shops generally throw away cardboard anyway. Obviously, there is an option to purchase boxes on the Internet or at a building store nearby. 

If you decide to use an used cardboard, make sure that there are no texts written on it. You must remove any information that would mislead a courier and leave just information regarding the freight.

The size of the packaging is supposed to be relatively similar to the size of your cargo. It is not smart to choose too big box due to the fact that then you ought to put fillers inside. If not, cargo could be ruined. On the other hand, you cannot use too small box because your stuff can’t be squeezed inside. This could really affect them in a very upsetting way.

Untypical shaped or delicate things must be packed with extra care. Special treatment is required with china, ceramics as well as instruments or mirrors. Wrapping that kind of cargo is important. The common method is to wrap them with bubble insulation. Wastepaper or fabrics would work fine as well. As fillers you should use Styrofoam, some fabrics, pieces of paper or bubble foil. You can also buy foam chips.

Finally, buy strong tape to secure the parcel for the last time. Don’t use string because it could be easily removed and because it’s not as resistant as a tape. It might be too delicate and as a result it wouldn't secure your parcel.

If you have many parcels to ship (e.g. during office removal), sign each of the cardboards. It will be much easier to unpack the boxes after the delivery. It is also important to have information about which boxes contain delicate cargo. You are supposed to put special stickers on or just write down the important data on boxes. 

Cost of parcel shipment

Every delivery must be priced separately because a lot conditions influence the ultimate proposal. Happily on Clicktrans you just have to list your load (which is free) and wait less than a day to get opening offers. That is a quick method to get offers from haulers. The price might depend

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