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At first, I hesitated to hire a new company, but John was helpful, kind, and with communication skills. My sofas arrived from Italy as planned, I will definitely hire John for future deliveries.

Three-seater sofa x 1, Two-seater sofa x 1

Customer John M.

Items collected and delivered on time, and arrived in perfect condition. Good communication, good price.

two chairs x 2

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Tips for preparing for transportation

Furniture transportation

If you are in the process of moving to a new apartment or redecorating your place it’s possible you’ll look for furniture shipping at some point. Regardless of whether we’re talking about furniture you already posses or brand new furniture, furniture transportation is usually a challenge. Of course it depends on what kind of furniture needs transportation – chairs and bedside tables might fit in your car, but a wardrobe or a kitchen table could become an issue. When you have a van at your disposal, you can ship the load yourself, but if you don’t, you’ll need help from a transport provider. In search for a solid service with a reasonable price, consider trying a transport marketplace, like Clicktrans.

Securing furniture for shipment

When planning to transport your furniture, there are rules you might like to follow, when it comes to securing them for transportation. First of all, remember to empty all the furniture – even if things inside are light. Some jolts and shocks are inevitable during transportation and all of the items roaming uncontrollably inside your furniture may become a potential danger. Also furniture without any content will be lighter and therefore easier to ship.

Dismantle what you can – if your furniture can be dismantled without damage and transported in parts, that’s the best way to ship it. A bed in parts is also more simple to fit in a van. The main downside of shipping furniture in pieces is that it takes some time and skill, as wrongly disassembled furniture can be hard or downright impossible to reassemble in your new home. Also – it’s good to be extra careful when shipping tiny pieces (like pins or screws). It’s safer to ship them together, for example in a Ziploc bag.

There is furniture (especially antiques) that mustn’t be dismantled and have to be transported in one piece. What’s the best way to ship them safely? The possibility that you will find a box suitable to fit an armchair is not high, but there are other ways to secure it for the time of transportation. While preparing furniture for the time of transportation bubble foil is of significant value. Wrap all the delicate places as well as every corner in bubble foil to prevent your load from breaking if some other load bumps into it during transportation. If you don’t have bubble foil, you may also use cardboard to protect the corners.

If your furniture has some especially fragile parts (for example containing glass or delicate fabrics) you have to be especially careful during shipment. When you can, you should ship them independently, enclosed in thick layer of cloth or bubble foil (all glass shelves should be transported that way). If it cannot be disassembled, enclose it in extra layers of bubble wrap. And remember to tell the hauler that he will be shipping delicate cargo.

As was mentioned above, most of the time you will need help with transporting furniture. When choosing a hauler it’s smart to find out if he offers help with loading as well as unloading. Remember to specify from which floor they should be taken and to which floor they should be moved – as well as if there is an elevator available.  

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