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My delivery was on time and was safely delivered. I am very pleased with the work of Trayan I. and would recommend you use his services.

Skoda Fabia

Customer Trayan I.
Route: Geisenheim - Ezerovo

Brilliant service. Would highly recommend. Car was collected same day and delivered to end destination. Ken was brilliant to deal with. Seamless experience. Will definitely be using again.

Volkswagen Passat CC

Customer Gary B.
Route: Dublin - Ballina

I'm very happy with Mr. Angelopoulos services. Everything was smooth from getting a quote on clicktrans to receiving package. Recommended provider. Will use this service again. Thank you very much!


Route: Munich - Larnaca

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Tips for preparing for transportation

How to transport a bicycle

Bike transportation – how to organise that

Bikes are often shipped during removals or vacations. It happens that people want to ship bicycle internationally to have bike adventures in new places. Regardless of the reason or distance of the transportation, there are a few steps that make the shipping easier. The simplest way to achieve that is hiring an experienced hauler that will take a special care of your important sport equipment. You will find thousands of transport providers on – online marketplace for shipping services. You just must list your bike then give every important information about the expected service such as: place of arrival and delivery, dates or weight of the load. Listing is without charge and takes less than 5 minutes.

A hauler hired by you will take your load when you expect that and deliver the bicycle across Europe. You simply must be sure that your bicycle is ready for shipping. If you don’t feel like doing this by yourself – you can as well ask a hauler to do this for you.

Getting ready a bike for shipment with a transport provider

When you intend to transport a second-hand bicycle, you need to prepare it for the loading. Naturally, it is achievable to do it by yourself, yet you should plan it with caution. Well-packed load ensures that your bicycle will be out of danger during shipping. Let’s not forget that there are lots of jolts during transportation that might affect your sport equipment. Especially when you ship a bike at long distance.

Firstly, search for a cardboard that is of a similar size to your bike. The ultimate option is to use the original packaging given by the bike producer. In case you lost or got rid of that packaging, you may easily purchase a new box at building stores or online.

Before putting a bicycle in a box, remove all the moving parts that might be quickly damaged during shipping. Dismantle things such as: chain, lamps or belt. Handlebar must be put in parallel with the frame. What is more, it’s important to adjust the saddle down. All disassembled parts put carefully in another smaller boxes. Don’t miss any part! Wrap handlebar and saddle with bubble insulation or simply with a textile found around you – the latter method is definitely more green.

After placing the bike in a box use fillers for extra safety. Stuff such as newspapers, textiles or air pillows are definitely effective fillers. Fillers will ensure that bike will stay motionless during transportation. Close the cardboard using a strong strip to make sure that everything will stay where is supposed to.

Shipping a bike in a plane

Some people ship a bike in an airplane. Before you even start to consider that, check the airlines policies and prices regarding freight transportation. It may not be the cheapest way of shipping.

Moving a bicycle in a car

When you have a car, there is an option to transport a bike by yourself. Even thought, it is not a simple task, it is possible. However it is much safer to hire a transport company, mainly when you are shipping freight at long distance.

The boot of a vehicle is one of the places where you might ship a bike. Of course, it is possible when you have a mid-size or large vehicle. Sadly, you must break apart all parts of a bike to pack them without danger in the trunk. One more downside of that solution is that your load will probably exploit all the space in the boot which is not convenient when you plan a trip and must take other baggage.

This is the reason why many people decid

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