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Great service! Tom was very attentive, answered me quickly, and delivered everything on time. I even sent him to the wrong address by accident and still, he was patient, called me, and we figured everything out. Thanks very much!


Car was picked in 2 days and delivered next day. Live GPS tracking was super, no signal loss, also very accurate. I must give 5 golden stars :D and recommend others too. Thanks Team

BMW 2 Series Active Tourer

Great service, great price, friendly driver. I would recommend this service to someone else.

BMW 3 Series

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Tips for preparing for transportation

How to transport a bicycle

How to arrange bike shipping

Bikes are mostly shipped during removals or holidays. It happens that people need to transport bike far away to experience bike adventures in unknown environment. No matter the cause or distance of the transportation, there are a few steps that make the shipping simpler. The simplest mean to achieve that is hiring a professional shipping company that will have an eye on precious load. You will find lots of shipping companies visiting – online marketplace for transport services. You simply must list your bike and add every important information about the delivery e.g. distance, dates and size of the load. Listing is without charge and takes less than 5 minutes.

A hauler hired by you will take your load when it is convenient for you and deliver the bike across the country or internationally. You just need to be sure that your bicycle is ready for shipping. If you don’t feel like doing this by yourself – you may also hire a hauler to do this for you.

Preparing a bicycle for transportation with a transport provider

If you intend to ship a used bicycle, you need to get it ready for the delivery. Of course, it is possible to do it by yourself, however you ought to organise it with care. Well-prepared cargo ensures that your bike will be out of danger during transportation. Let’s keep in mind that there are many vibrations during transportation that can affect a sport equipment. Especially if you transport a bike at long distance.

First of all, find a cardboard that is of a similar size to your bike. The ultimate option is to use the original box given by the bicycle producer. In case you lost or got rid of that cardboard, you can easily buy a new box at hardware shops or on the Internet.

Previous to putting a bicycle in a cardboard, separate all the moving parts that may be quickly ruined during transportation. Dismantle parts like: pedals, lamps or belt. Handlebar should be positioned in parallel with the frame. What is more, it’s essential to adjust the saddle down. All removed things put with caution in another smaller packaging. Don’t miss any part! Wrap handlebar and saddle with bubble foil or just with some material found at home – the latter option is definitely much more eco-friendly.

When you put the bike in a box fill the empty spaces for extra safety. Stuff like waste-paper, materials or air pillows are definitely the best fillers. Fillers will make sure that bike will stay still on the road. Close the box with a strong tape to make sure that your load will stay inside.

Transporting a bicycle with an airline

Some travellers ship a bike in an airplane. Before you even start to consider that, read more about airlines rules as well costs regarding freight shipping. It could be a very expensive type of shipping.

Moving a bike in a vehicle

When you have a vehicle, there is an opportunity to ship a bicycle by yourself. Although, it is not a simple job, it is possible. Nevertheless it is much safer to hire a hauler, particularly when you are shipping load at long distance.

The back of a vehicle is a space where you could ship a bike. For sure, it is possible when you have a mid-size or large automobile. Sadly, you must dissemble all parts of a bicycle to pack them harmlessly in the trunk. A second flaw of that solution is that your bike will probably exploit all the space in the trunk which is not ideal in case you plan a trip and have other stuff to pack.

This is the reason why some peopl

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