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Delivery  Boxes 1–5, Potted plant x 1, Hammock x 1, Barbeque x 1, Parasol x 1


Delivery  Boxes 31–50
Boxes 31–50


Netherlands, Amstelveen


Spain, Sant Feliu de G (...)


Delivery  Boxes 1–5, Small box x 5
Boxes 1–5, Small box x 5


Switzerland, Schwerzenbach


Spain, Barcelona


Delivery  Boxes 21–30, mixed furniture x 30
Boxes 21–30, mixed furniture x 30


Germany, Duisburg


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Delivery  Boxes 1–5, Computer x 2, Monitor x 2, Medium desk x 1
Boxes 1–5, Computer x 2, Monitor x 2, Medium desk x 1


United Kingdom, London


Poland, Gdańsk


Delivery  Boxes 6–10, Large suitcase x 1, Medium suitcase x 1, Bicycle x 1, Large TV (40"+) x 1, Dehumidifier


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Thank you very much for the fast and professional delivery and communication. All the best for the future.


Route: Berlin - Kissamos

Marius and Vlad are great professionals! Convey confidence and seriousness, very punctual, careful and at a good price. whatsapp fast. Our belongings arrived in perfect condition through 2000km and were placed in order without haste. I highly recommend!

Base con colchón, lavadora, algunos muebles y varias cajas.

Customer Marius G.
Route: Medina de Pomar - Bolton

Prompt and flexible service. Although there was a delay in the delivery, Ben has been quick to communicate and he kept me informed. Zero stress, recommended

Boxes 6–10, Bicycle x 1

Customer Yousri B.
Route: Berlin - Milan

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Tips for preparing for transportation

How to organize a removal?

Moving to a new house is one of the most ordinary happenings we can experience in our days. And despite the fact we move at least a few times in our lifetime, removals are still among the most stressful situations that can happen to us. Just figuring out the logistics of transporting all your belongings from one place to another is quite a job and with packing, unpacking and choosing the best transport provider to assist you with removal, it seems truly colossal and very stressful. Thankfully there are a few ways to make the move as simple as possible and significantly less nerve-wracking.

Packing and securing your belongings for shipment

The most important thing you have to remember while preparing for the removal is that you need a precise list of steps that you will stick to during the move. It is smart to make a list of all the things you want to transport. It will not only make the packing easier but additionally will allow you to check if all your belongings were safely shipped to your new home. Removal calls for transporting a big amount of stuff, including a lot of little things that can be easily forgettable under the pressure of time – an inventory will help you make sure they all made it to the place of destination safely. Another crucial step is labelling all the boxes as clearly as you are able to. One of the more common methods of labelling cardboards is by the room name. For example all the kitchen supplies as well as devices should be placed into cardboards labelled ‘kitchen’, all the duvets and personal items in the cardboards labelled ‘bedroom’ and so on. You’ll quickly find out how time-saving tagging can be once you start the unpacking. Remember to label both sides and the top of the box, so that you (and the hauler) will be able to recognize which box goes where, regardless of how they will be placed in the shipping car.

Be extra careful when preparing to transport delicate things. Enclose them in protective layers of fabric and bubble wrap and label them clearly (together with a “This way up” sign). You should also make sure that the hauler knows that he’ll be transporting delicate goods as well as which boxes have to be handled with caution.

When you are shipping furniture, it’s important to empty them prior to the removal and ship all the things inside separately. Any unattached things in closets and drawers could damage your furniture on the road. Additionally it is good to secure all the furniture doors and drawers using tape so that they won’t open during shipment. You may use ordinary Scotch tape to do that. There is also a matter of putting the furniture into the transporting vehicle. Ahead of trying to move your furniture out of the house, be certain that you’ll be able to transport them via front doors, stairways and into the elevator (if your old apartment has one). If so, you’ll be able to transport them without dismantling (find at least one person to assist you!). If they can’t, dismantling them is the only way to move them safely. Be cautious with dismantling – be sure to have all the pins as well as bolts in one place like in a Ziploc bag as well as that you’ve secured delicate parts of the furniture sufficiently. Disassembling furniture is also convenient whenever you need to use the shipping car to the maximum, as disassembled furniture will be much easier to stack efficiently.  

When packing minor things, like magazines, kitchen appliances, decorations etc., cardboards will be the most obvious choice. It’s almost certain that you won’t have enough boxes

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