About Clicktrans

Clicktrans is the online marketplace for transport services.
Thanks to Clicktrans you receive the best quotes from reliable transport providers - quickly and easily.

The concept is very simple:

When you need to have your goods transported, you simply list them online with a description (furniture, parcels, bicycle, motorcycle, etc.). And that’s it! Transport providers will now quote on your listing, and you can (but don’t have to) choose the quote that meets your expectations. 

You can save up to 60% on your delivery. Your listing reaches thousands of transport providers, allowing you to find one that is doing a route you are looking for. The transport provider can then have your items delivered. The quotes are presented in a reverse-auction format, which serves to help you select the best offer.

You can choose the best transport provider by reviewing customer feedback. Most importantly, your goods are transported safely as all transport providers are verified.

Clicktrans is a convenient way to find cost-savvy and safe transportation. 

Clicktrans is also a base for new transport jobs, a tool to search deliveries and reduce the number of empty runs.

We believe that Clicktrans benefits everyone: customers who can transport their items at lower prices, transport providers who acquire new clients, and all of us who benefit from a less polluted environment.

About ClicktransClicktrans - save energy and money