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Wozek Inwalidzki (No. 8016104)

Wozek Inwalidzki
Length x Width x Height
Wozek Inwalidzki
100 x 60 x 70 cm
40 kg
Are the dimensions precise?
Total weight:
40 kg
327 km
Private person

Pick-up address and date

Poland, Lublin Voivodeship, Lublin

From 7 Sep 2021 to 8 Sep 2021

Delivery address and date

Poland, Silesian Voivodeship, Częstochowa

From 7 Sep 2021 to 10 Sep 2021

Kart transportation

At first glance shipping a go-kart looks pretty easy as well as effortless. In reality though such action requires some preparing as well as professional accessories to be done efficiently. There is more than one way of shipping a kart: you could use a special trailer, a semi-trailer or a regular car (if it’s able to fit a go-kart). With transporting a go-kart it’s important to secure it safely to make sure it won’t damage in shipment and also so that it won’t pose a threat to other people on the road. A kart is lighter than for example a quad or a motorcycle, however it still weights about 220 lbs so if it falls from the moving trailer, it can cause a serious accident to other vehicles.

When you are transporting a go-kart on a trailer, you need some durable tie down belts to attach your vehicle to the shipping vehicle. It shouldn’t be able to move while on the road. Don’t forget to take some extra straps along in case one of the straps rips during shipment and you have to change it. When you are shipping a kart on a trailer, it is good to cover the kart with some tarpaulin or even a bed sheet to protect it against the weather because long contact with rain or dust can seriously damage your kart, sometimes permanently. When you are transporting your kart in a delivery van, it is smart to obtain some bumpers to absorb possible tremors during transportation.

Remember you should always pump out all the fluids from the go-kart before shipment – that means gasoline and also oil and so on. This way you will be able to easily avoid possible leaking if your go-kart tips over during sudden turn.

If you do not own a vehicle that allows you to safely ship a go-kart or you can’t do it on your own, it’s a smart move to hire a hauler. Most of them will easily find room for a kart in their transporting vehicles. You’ll also get a chance to gain some expert knowledge, for example on what is the best way to secure a kart properly, which you’ll be able to use next time you need transportation.