Wohnwagen Knaus Südwind KNSÜ500EU (No. 6879527)

Wohnwagen Knaus Südwind KNSÜ500EU

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Item width [m]:


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Total weight [kg]:


Dimensions are approximate

Distance: 903.00 km

Pick-up address and date

Italy, Veneto, Venice

19 Jun 2021

Delivery address and date

Germany, Baden-Württemberg, Dielheim

Flexible dates

Transporting a caravan

Shipping a caravan is frequently associated with a lot of difficulties, but actually it is much easier than we realize. If you plan on shipping a caravan on your own, do not forget to check if your driving license allows you to do it.

Kinds of caravans

A Conventional caravan – as can be deduced from the name, this is the most common type of caravan. It has 4 solid walls as well as a full height rood. A conventional caravan can vary in dimensions as well as in the amount of rooms, still in most cases it guarantees quite pleasant travelling environment. Conventional caravans may have one or 2 axles.

B Tent trailer – this type of caravan is a fine alternative in case you need to decrease the costs. It may be towed by almost any car , moreover it often contains the most basic equipment, like hot water or a fridge. It provide you considerable amount of living space but offers very little wind resistance.

C Pop-top caravans -  this type is similar to conventional caravans with the addition of a expendable roof, which can expand the living space. Pop-top caravans, similar to a tent trailer does not provide much wind resistance.

4) Pop-out caravans – this kind of caravan is equipped with all the advantages of a pop-top caravan and extra expandable section on the ends of the van, which creates a perfect spot to fit additional beds, should you need them. Pop-out caravans are especially popular among large families.

E Camper trailers – they offer not as much living space as most of the types mentioned above, but because they provide with the most needed basic equipment (shower, fridge and so on) it is a comfortable as well as budget manner of travelling. 

F The fifth-wheeler – this is the largest type of caravan. It provides with very big amount of living space, which allows whole families to travel in comfort. Due to its large size,  the fifth-wheeler must be towed by a larger vehicle instead of a regular car (for example a pickup truck).

Sometimes it is impossible to transport a caravan on your own – it depends on whether you have enough time to drive required distance and whether the caravan itself is working.

If you want to hire a transport company to move your caravan, make sure you have the precise dimensions of the caravan. Moreover make sure that its insurance hasn’t expired. In addition, instruct the hauler about state of the caravan – like whether brakes are fully functional.

When hiring a transport provider to move your caravan you do not need to worry about your driving license or speed limits  - all the procedures concern the transport provider. Moreover, transport companies frequently invest in product liability insurance, which will ensure you a compensation, if anything happens with the caravan during transportation.

Cost of shipping a caravan

Price of shipping a caravan depends on its dimensions and weight (similar to almost every type of loads}. Other than that , the cost is also defined by the state of the caravan – if it is able to drive on its own, you are likely to pay less.