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Washing machine (No. 5058230)

Washing machine

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Distance: 1352.00 km

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United Kingdom, England, Orpington

12 Sep 2019

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Poland, Greater Poland Voivodeship, Starkówiec Piątkowski

16 Sep 2019

Household appliances

Household devices in general split up into two main parts: large appliances e. g. ovens, dishwashers or freezers and smaller devices, for example microwaves, dryers, curling irons, irons, electric shavers, hair removers, food processors and so on. Small ones you could successfully ship by your car, still bigger devices may be too big to be transported by passenger cars as well as must be shipped in particular manner.

Additionally, unlike furniture, majority of the household appliances cannot be taken apart, which makes them even more difficult to transport. That is the reason why most of the time, you will require to find help from experts when shipping larger household devices.

Methods of shipping household appliances

When you order a transport for your household appliances, you do not have to worry about making sure it is properly protected while transported. Professional transport providers will know how to secure it safely as well as save the cargo from breaking on the road. When you are transporting household appliances on your own, use caution, so that you avoid damaging or denting your appliances. If you can, try to keep the original package, as it is best way to ship your devices.

Freezers ought to be defreezed at least a couple of hours before shipment. All the moving elements (such as shelves, containers) must be removed, secured and transported separately. When moving a washing machine, you should secure the drum. Additionally, when you are shipping any appliances that have doors, you ought to make sure, that they are closed and sealed. Readying your gas stove for transport, do not forget to disconnect it from gas pipeline.

When securing household devices for shipping, you could use bubble wrap and adhesive tape. Also it is good to secure the edges of your household device with polystyrene, to reduce the danger of breaking during shipment. Household appliances require to be shipped upright.

Cost of shipping household appliances

Price of household appliances transport most of the time is linked to the size, weight and condition of the device. Apart from that, cost could be determined by the distance between loading and unloading point.