Vitrina refrigerada (No. 7537645)

Vitrina refrigerada
Length x Width x Height
Vitrina refrigerada
100 x 100 x 125 cm
200 kg
Are the dimensions precise?
Is it packed?
Total weight:
200 kg
538 km
Assistance with loading and unloading:
Not required

Pick-up address and date

Spain, Comunidad De Madrid, Villaviciosa De Odón

From 2 Mar 2021 to 9 Apr 2021

Delivery address and date

Spain, Galicia, Guitiriz

From 9 Apr 2021 to 16 Apr 2021


When it comes to moving glassware, one of the most important tasks is securing the load for the transport. When transporting fragile goods simple cardboard box will not do. You must pack the space between your load and walls of the box with materials that will prevent movement of the glass throughout transport. The best way to do that is to use Styrofoam or soft materials that will stop potential jolting and save your fragile load from fracturing. Furthermore you need to wrap your glassware with bubble foil, especially all the parts that are delicate and extra fragile. Tie the bubble wrap with adhesive tape to make sure it won’t loosen during shipment. When you are done covering, you should pack all of the empty space left in the container – with Styrofoam or even newspapers.

If you have to transport big items of glassware (like mirrors or window glass) you need to not only secure it from shattering, but also from fracturing. You must wrap the glassware in thick sheet of bubble wrap, close it with Scotch tape and deposit it in a box. Do not forget to write on top of the package that the container is fragile. You could also use pre-made labels for fragile cargo.

Smaller glassware (like goblets or bottles} could be wrapped in old newspapers, paper or even towels. Next step is to put them in a box so that they will not touch while shipped. The same way you may secure porcelain and crystals. When transporting large glassware products (like chandeliers) it is good to add an extra layer of soft materials, for example sponge or clothes.

Price of glassware shipment hinge on weight and dimensions of the load, route lenght as well as delivery dates. Another price-defining aspect is whether or not you require using professional packing materials and guidance securing the load.