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Table clocks, Vase, Wooden box (No. 6693727)

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Type of service:

Transportation with assistance in loading and unloading

Packaging description:

Items will be in wrapeed film (bubble).

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Dimensions are approximate

Distance: 141.00 km

Pick-up address and date

Netherlands, Gelderland, Arnhem

From 13 Oct 2020 to 16 Oct 2020

Delivery address and date

Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia, Münster

From 13 Oct 2020 to 18 Oct 2020

Antiques transportation

Antiques are part of one of the more tricky sub-category of cargos – Delicate Goods. That’s because the antiques are very shatterable and can be easily damaged on the road. While talking about antiques, one cannot forget the matter of value, as usually antiques are really valuable load. This is why in the eyes of a future hauler antiques are not just tricky but also possibly troublesome load (almost always the customer wants at least some kind of insurance in case anything happen to the load). Of course it might affect the price of shipment. Also you might get less quotes than you would get when searching for e.g. car shipment, however that shouldn’t worry you – with fragile goods transportation smaller amount of quotes usually have nothing to do with their professionalism. The offers you’ll get, will be made by haulers that know how to transport antiques safely.

What items you’ll find in the Antiques subcategory? Almost every item that is of great worth because of its age. By “antiques” people often mean quite old wardrobes, tables, chairs and so on which value grew considerably over the years. Is there any difference between regular furniture shipment and antiques transportation?

Firstly, you should bear in mind what they were made from. Don’t forget, that present-day furniture are already designed with the matter of transportation in mind. Sofas, chairs and tables can travel many kilometers from the factory to the store and further to the customer’s place. So it’s necessary that they are made with strong materials that must be resistant to being shipped from place to place. When it comes to antiques it’s quite the opposite. The antique tables and wardrobes were often made locally, and therefore there was rarely the need to ship the furniture on longer routes. That’s why they could be made  without worrying about their endurance as well as from even very fragile materials.

It can be challenging for present-day shipment and for owners of antiques – what is the best way to secure antiques for transportation as well as how to without problems transport loads which are that delicate and valuable. Cautiously, obviously. Remember to secure every part protruding from the main shape of the item with some bubble wrap. When shipping antiques in a cardboard, don’t forget to use a thick layer of foam peanuts – they are meant to eliminate any tremors during shipment, which might be harmful for your load.

Whenever thinking about transportation of antique furniture there is one more thing to keep in mind – almost all of antiques are not designed to be disassembled without damaging them and that’s why they ought to be transported as a whole. That considerably narrows down the list of available transporting vehicles, as not every delivery van will have enough room for an antique furniture set to be transported safely.

As mentioned before, antiques are a costly cargo, which is the reason you should search for a transport provider with carrier liability insurance. This will enable you to compensation in case something happen to your cargo during transportation. And of course it’s best to search for a hauler that has at least some history with shipping antiques, because when it comes to fragile cargos, expert hauler’s knowledge is truly invaluable.