Sofa czteroosobowa x 1, Łóżko x 1, Stół x 1, Dywan x 1, Krzesło do jadalni x 4, Regał x 1 (No. 7247908)

Sofa czteroosobowa x 1, Łóżko x 1, Stół x 1, Dywan x 1, Krzesło do jadalni x 4, Regał x 1
Length x Width x Height
Sofa czteroosobowa
290 x 100 x 80 cm *
100 kg *
204 x 140 x 100 cm *
40 kg *
120 x 90 x 75 cm *
65 kg *
200 x 15 x 15 cm *
15 kg *
Krzesło do jadalni
50 x 40 x 95 cm *
10 kg *
80 x 30 x 200 cm *
35 kg *

* Typical dimensions or weight for the item

Total weight:
295 kg
470 km
Type of service:
Transport and help of the driver when carrying
Pick-up – Floor
Delivery – Floor
Not required

Pick-up address and date

Germany, Lower Saxony, Hildesheim

From 28 Feb 2021 to 1 Mar 2021

Delivery address and date

Poland, Lubusz Voivodeship, Bojadła

2 Mar 2021


When you wish to ship furniture, just because you move house or you wish to rejuvenate current house, it’s very important to do certain solutions that will help us move furniture without a problem. Otherwise, the difficulties you might face will cost you a lot, ranging from the defects on your favored furnishing, replacing flawed furnishings with new ones. First, it is necessary to empty the furniture, wipe it with a cloth or use a spray suitable for cleaning furnishings (wooden, plastic, metal – whatever your furnishing are built of). Moreover, it is worth to consider to disassemble the furniture if possible. When it comes the old furnishing it is not as simple as with the new ones, that you probably constructed yourself in the first place. Old furniture tend to disfigure or simply break while you try to disassemble them. If your furnishings is quite big (door, wardrobe, shelf) you need to know the exact dimensions, especially height, width and lenght. If you wish to ship household appliances like washing  mashine or a dishwasher check that they are turned off, empty, dry and there aren't any leftovers or water in the machine. Whatever you decide, when disassembling furnishing you have the obligation to secure it well – unless you pay a transport provider to do it. When shipping it yourself use bubble wrap, blankets, polistyren foam, stretch foil etc. Make sure the weak elements like furniture ornaments, sharp edges, glass,  etc. are protectedTo make sure the protection stays firm you could strap it with a duct tape. To find trustworthy transport company you can search on, where after a publication of your listing you will receive offers from verified moving providers. For the cheapest and struggle-free service, remember to describe scrupulously the load, its size, weight, loose parts, requirements for transport (securing materials, best position during transport) and one of the most crucial – the route. The cost of the transport is impacted by all aspects mentioned above.