Sofa, closet, bed (No. 5742274)

Sofa, closet, bed

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Distance: 557.00 km

Pick-up address and date

Germany, Bavaria, Bayreuth

14 May 2020

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Netherlands, Overijssel, Enschede

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In the situation when you plan to transport furnishings, just cause you change house or you wish to rejuvenate current place, it’s very important to be aware of particular methods that will aid to move furniture without a hussle. Otherwise, the problems you will have to deal with may cost you too much, starting from the defects on your favored furniture, replacing damaged furnishing with new ones. Firstly, it is necessary to empty the furniture, wipe it with a cloth or use a spray suitable for cleaning furnishing (wooden, plastic, metal – whatever material your furnishing are built of). What is more, it is worth to think of how to disassemble the furnishings if possible. When it comes the old furnishing it is not as easy as with the new ones, that you probably put together yourself in the first place. Old furnishings have a tendency to loose the balance or simply break when you try to dismantle them. If your furniture is quite sizable (door, wardrobe, shelf) you need to know the exact dimensions, especially height, width and lenght. If you want to move household appliances like washing  mashine or a dishwasher double check that they are turned off, empty, dry and there aren't any leftovers or water inside. Whatever you decide, when disassembling furniture you have the obligation to secure it well – unless you hire a transport service provider to arrange it. When transporting it yourself use bubble wrap, blankets, polistyren foam, stretch foil etc. Ascertain yourself that weak elements like furniture ornaments, sharp edges, glass,  etc. are protectedTo make sure the protection stays firm you may strap it with a duct tape. To find credible transport provider check them on, where after posting a listing you will get offers from verified shipping providers. For the quickest and enviromentally friendly service, remember to describe thoroughly the object, its size, weight, removabl parts, requirements for transport (securing materials, best position in transport) and one of the most important – the route. The price of the shipping is impacted by all things mentioned.