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Sea Doo GTX 300 (No. 6447951)

Sea Doo GTX 300

Item length [m]:


Item width [m]:


Item height [m]:


Total weight [kg]:


Distance: 1945.00 km

Pick-up address and date

United Kingdom, Kent, Maidstone

Flexible dates

Delivery address and date

Spain, Comunitat Valenciana, Alicante/alacant

Flexible dates

How to transport a jet ski

Shipping jet skis can cause a lot of problems. The bigger obstacle may be the dimensions of a watercraft. Its length is usually above 3 meters, width as well as height are often more than one meter. Moreover, jet ski isn’t a light item to move. The weight of a jet ski is around 200 to 400 kg. That is really a lot! It’s important to remember that a jet ski is also a really costly equipment. So, that's why it's more hazardous to move. We need to be certain that we treat this item cautiously. If we are willing to do it by ourselves, without a help from a transport provider, we need to decide what transport vehicle will be best. This should be a smart decision. It is reasonable to use a semi-trailer, minivan or a truck. Apart from that, it is very important to think about shipping as well as securing the costly load. You could protect jet ski’s edges with styrofoam or just piece of textile like blanket. Yet, the best way is to cover the whole item with a textile or bubble wrap – anything that will secure the watercraft from damage. During transportation a single shake can effect in undesired destruction, so it is significant to properly secure your precious cargo.

During the transportation the cargo needs to be secured with dedicated belts since it shouldn’t shake during the ride. On the grounds that a jet ski is not light it should be put near the wheel axle. Otherwise, it could destroy the back of the vehicle. Personal watercraft doesn’t have any wheels, so during loading you ought to use a device like a small crane to lift the item. An entry platform may be helpful too.

If you can't ship this on your own, it is advisable to find a hauler. If you want to quickly as well as successfully search for transport companies specializing in such an atypical shipping, you must use Clicktrans.com. A few minutes after you present your item, thousands of haulers will be informed about your need. This is the best way to get top-quality and inexpensive offers. Also, during a research on Clicktrans, check if a transport provider you desire has a carrier liability insurance. Personal watercrafts cost a lot, thus it is wise to secure the freight in case of any damage happening during shipment. This way you'll have an opportunity to get compensation.

The price of delivering jest ski might depend on a lot of things such as distance or the type of shipment that we expect (e. g. whether a semi-trailer or a minivan will be used). As an example, a shipping of a jet ski with semi-trailer from Portsmouth (United Kingdom) to Legnica (Poland) cost around £225. That included travelling by ferry with a freight.