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Rozsiewacz nawozów (No. 5398534)

Make and model:

Kuhn mds

Item length [m]:


Item width [m]:


Item height [m]:


Total weight [kg]:


Dimensions are approximate

Distance: 1902.00 km

Pick-up address and date

France, Aquitaine, Orignolles

From 5 Nov 2019 to 9 Nov 2019

Delivery address and date

Poland, Greater Poland Voivodeship, Rozdrażew

Flexible dates

Tractors & Farm machinery

More often than not transporting tractors and farm machines implies over-size freight. Between “farm machines” you may find machines such as: combine harvesters, broadcast seeders, threshing machines, reaping machines, hay rakes and many more. Farm machinery because of their great size are treated as unusual load. Most of farm machinery are banned from using the expressways in Poland and in the Europe because their size and axle load exceed both Poland’s and European Union’s law.

How to ship farm machines?

To efficiently transport farm machinery normally you will need jumbo trailer or low-loader semi-trailer. Eventual transport providers are required to obtain right car carrier that is suitable for transporting machines weighting up to couple of tones, e. g. harvesters. Transport provider that is considering taking transport job involving farm machinery should work in transporting unusual cargo in unusual shapes and sizes. He should have earlier experience as well as essential tools. When shipping cargo which size exceeds existing norms, the transport provider is obliged to gain necessary clearance.

Cost of farm machinery transport

Price of farm machines shipment is connected with its size, weight and condition the machine is in. Transport cost is also affected by the route length and whether there are defined picking days and delivery terms.